Premises Liability

If you’ve been hurt because of a dangerous condition on a property, you may be able to file a premises liability claim for compensation. Whether you were injured in a public location, such as a store or restaurant, or on private property, such as someone’s home, premises liability may apply to your case and allow you to recover damages. You deserve financial relief for your injuries and to hold the responsible party accountable.

Here you’ll find resources that may answer some of your questions regarding premises liability claims. To learn more, please contact our team of Miami premises liability attorneys.

What Happens if My Child Slips and Falls at School?

When you send your child to school each day, you expect they will be kept safe and secure. Schools have a duty of care to ensure your child is provided reasonably safe and secure accommodations to reduce the risk of accidents and personal injuries. However, accidents at school do happen. One of the most common …

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Seeking Compensation for Structural Failure Accidents

Structural failure accidents can cause catastrophic damage. Whether a building is under construction, undergoing repairs or in current use, the integrity of the components of the building is critical at any given time. Most people don’t stop to question the safety of the building they’re in at any given time. However, an accident can be …

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Supermarket Accidents and Injuries

An accident at a supermarket can cause serious injuries. When you’re hurt at a grocery store, it can drastically change your life. It can be hard to know what to do after an accident at the store. Fortunately, our Miami grocery store injury attorneys can help. Can I Sue for Falling in a Store? Yes, …

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Injured at Walmart? Here’s What You Need to Know

With 383 stores in Florida alone, it might seem like there’s a Walmart on every corner. Walmart processes more than $36 million in sales each hour. With so many Americans depending on Walmart for their daily needs, accidents at Walmart stores are a common problem.  If you’re hurt while shopping at Walmart, you have important …

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Miami International Airport Accident Lawyers

Traveling to the airport is supposed to be a moment of excitement and anticipation. Perhaps you’re heading out for a long-awaited family vacation. Maybe you’re going to an important business meeting. Unfortunately, your plans can be quickly derailed if you’re the victim of an airport accident. Miami International Airport (MIA) has more than 1,000 departing …

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Florida Trampoline Parks and Liability Waivers

Although you know that trampolines can be dangerous, you weren’t expecting to get hurt while jumping at the trampoline park. If you’re injured in a trampoline park accident, you may immediately start to wonder about that liability waiver that you signed. Can you bring a claim in Florida if you signed a waiver to use …

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What Are the Safety Requirements for My Pool?

Pools can be a lot of fun. They can also be a source of legal liability. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children 1-4 years. Approximately 300 children under the age of five drown each year in pools. Swimming pool accidents can …

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Personal Injuries Caused by Poor Lighting

You’re excited to try a new restaurant. You park in the restaurant’s parking lot. It’s dark, and there aren’t any external lights in the lot. On your way into the restaurant, you trip over an elevated piece of concrete. You break your wrist and bruise your knee. You are injured and wondering what your rights …

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Liability for Concert and Music Festival Injuries

When you head out to a concert, you expect to stay safe and have a good time. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike when you least expect it. If you’re hurt at a concert, you might wonder what rights and options you have. You might wonder if you will need to work with a Miami personal injury …

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