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The slip and fall attorneys at Bernstein & Maryanoff have the trusted knowledge and experience necessary to get the maximum compensation for your slip and fall injuries.

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    Miami Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

    Our Miami slip and fall attorneys fight for justice for slip and fall victims throughout the State of Florida. When you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident, you need lawyers who get results. That’s what our Miami slip and fall attorneys do best.

    Let our attorneys help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation that you deserve. When you need aggressive, passionate legal representation, the Miami slip and fall attorneys at Bernstein & Maryanoff are here to help you get justice.

    The Miami slip and fall attorneys at Bernstein & Maryanoff represent slip and fall accident victims in a wide variety of circumstances. Whether your injuries are severe or mild, and no matter where your accident occurs, we can take the lead to represent you until you have a check in your hands. Being an accident victim is never easy, but you have rights. Our Miami slip and fall attorneys assert your rights on your behalf until you have the best possible result from the Florida legal system.

    What Is a Slip and Fall Legal Claim?

    A slip and fall case is a legal claim for compensation based on an accident that occurs on someone else’s property. Each property owner has a duty under the law to keep their property safe. Business owners who invite customers onto their property for the purposes of conducting business have the highest legal obligation to keep the property safe. When accidents occur, it may be the legal fault of the business owner for having a dangerous condition on the property. The victim may claim financial compensation for their losses and damages. A slip and fall legal claim may also be against people other than the property owner based on dangerous products or other actions that lead to the accident. Our slip and fall attorneys can help you determine who may be responsible for the accident in your case.

    What Kinds of Compensation Can You Win in a Slip and Fall Case?

    There are several types of compensation that you may win in a slip and fall case. As a victim, you may claim financial damages for any of the following:

    • Ambulance costs
    • Emergency room and urgent care costs
    • Future health care costs
    • Diagnostic testing including x-rays, scans, and blood tests
    • Mobility devices, home modification costs
    • Make up payments for lost work
    • Financial expenses for future lost income for an interrupted career path
    • Payments for people who help with housework and family care
    • Travel to medical expenses
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional anguish
    • Payments for changes in lifestyle and physical limitations
    • Treatment for medical injuries
    • Punitive damages (in qualifying circumstances)

    As you can see, the types of damages that you can receive in a slip and fall case are quite extensive. The goal is to value all of the losses that you have, both tangible and intangible, and provide fair compensation. Some of the damages from a slip and fall case you can total with a calculator. Other types of damages may not be so easy to value, but they are genuine. Florida law gives you the right to claim compensation for both your tangible and intangible losses. Our slip and fall attorneys ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable compensation that you need and deserve after your accident.

    Do I Have a Slip and Fall Claim?

    A slip and fall claim is a legal case based on fault for an accident. To have a slip and fall claim, several things must be true. First, the victim must have had a slip and fall accident. The accident must result in injuries. To have a slip and fall claim, the cause of the accident must be the legal fault of the property owner or another third party.Legal fault for a slip and fall case just means that the accident occurred because of the other party’s negligence or recklessness, or that they caused the accident on purpose. However, most slip and fall claims are not based on recklessness or intentional harm. Most slip and fall claims are based on the property owner’s failure to keep conditions on the property safe for visitors.

    While you might hear in the news about slip and fall cases settling for millions of dollars, a slip and fall case doesn’t have to be worth millions to be a valid case. In fact, our Miami slip and fall attorneys help clients who have cases of all types. It’s our goal to help each client meet their needs and get the compensation that they’re owed under state law.

    How Does a Miami Slip and Fall Attorney Help Me?

    A Miami slip and fall attorney helps you with every part of your legal case from start to finish. Our attorneys assist clients with the following:

    • Case investigation; determination of the strength and value of the case
    • Preparation of case filing documents
    • Service of the case on the opposing party
    • Gathering legal evidence; conducting depositions, identifying witnesses
    • Legal strategy and pre-trial legal proceedings
    • Case settlement negotiations including mediation
    • Trial; presentation of the case to the jury
    • Appeal or defense of appeal if necessary

    Grocery Store & Supermarket Slip & Falls

    Slip and fall accidents in a supermarket or grocery store are some of the most common types of store lawsuits. It can be so easy for workers to carelessly fail to notice a spill. They may leave products in the aisles where customers can trip over them. In their rush to sell products, they may fail to control crowds, which can lead to injuries.
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    Why Choose the Bernstein & Maryanoff Personal Injury Attorneys?

    The Bernstein & Maryanoff slip and fall attorneys provide complete, full-service representation to every client. Our attorneys offer a unique combination of training, experience, and passion for providing unparalleled legal representation to slip and fall victims. We know that a slip and fall accident is a life-changing experience. We know that you have questions. Let us be where you turn for legal representation that doesn’t stop until you have justice.

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