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The slip and fall attorneys at Bernstein & Maryanoff have the trusted knowledge and experience necessary to get the maximum compensation for your slip and fall injuries.

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Trusted Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys

Trusted Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys

Find help from Miami slip and fall attorneys Bernstein & Mayanoff if you are injured in a slip and fall accident. You could be entitled to recover the full amount of medical bills and lost earnings in the past and the future. Your spouse is entitled to recover the loss of your services and consortium. Owners of property, whether they are homeowners or business owners, have a duty in the state of Florida to keep their premises in reasonably safe condition to prevent visitors from being injured in slip and fall accidents.

The injuries in a slip and fall case can be devastating. Many times, injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident can be more severe than those suffered in an auto accident. It is not uncommon for a fall to cause bone fractures or torn ligaments. Many times elderly persons suffer fractured hips in falls. The lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff have the financial resources and experience to help you pursue the maximum compensation for your injuries in a slip and fall accident. From our principal office in Miami and numerous other offices across Florida, we represent clients throughout the state.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Slip & Fall Accidents

When a person is injured in a store setting, our lawyers typically find that there was a liquid substance or a foreign object on the floor, which caused a person to slip and fall down. Slip and fall injuries are just one type of premises liability case. Others include injuries caused by:

It is also important for you to save all evidence related to the fall. This includes shoes and clothing that may have oil or other substances from the fall. The defense may request the judge to order that your shoes or other items be inspected. You should also photograph any injury immediately after the fall and when there are any changes such as swelling or bruising. If you undergo surgery, that should be photographed as well so your lawyer can show the jury how the injury affected you.

Slip and Fall and Premises Liability Law

With offices in Miami and across Florida, the accidental injury law firm of Bernstein & Maryanoff has the resources and experience to take on the largest premises liability cases. The firm’s attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping each client seek the maximum compensation for their losses.

Every year, many people are hurt while in someone else’s home or place of business. People may be injured on a flight of stairs, on a patch of ice or snow, or by a defect in a building. Generally, the law provides that property owners must keep their premises reasonably safe for people who are on the property. In some situations, such as those involving businesses that encourage the public to come onto their premises, the property owners have the duty to inspect the premises and to discover dangerous conditions. If you have been injured while on property belonging to someone else, it is essential that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Dangerous Slip and Fall Conditions

It is important to understand that Florida follows the Common Law developed in England. The law is set forth in prior personal injury cases that experienced lawyers have read and continuously read to understand how the story their client tells them about how an accident happened fits into the law. That allows an attorney to decide how strong a case is and what amount of money damages a person is entitled to. Some examples of dangerous conditions that cause slip or trip and fall accidents which businesses should be prevented are as follows:

  • Water leaking from freezers and refrigerators in stores.
  • Water leaking from roofs that are not properly maintained or repaired.
  • Water inside front doors following rain where there is no mat to dry off.
  • Water inside front doors following rain where the mat is so wet and the floor is not mopped up.
  • Broken bottles on the floor.
  • Magazine order cards that fall out of the magazines.
  • Water dripping from ice that customers have in their carts. (Ice should be near the exit doors to prevent this)
  • Employees that pushcarts into customers.
  • Oil not cleaned up which drips from cars.
  • Potholes that are not filled in.
  • Handrails that are missing from staircases or that end before the stairs end.
  • Speed bumps that are not painted a color like yellow.
  • Paper towel dispensers in the bathroom that are not next to the sink.

and many other conditions that vary from case to case.

How a Miami Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

In any kind of premises liability case, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to investigate quickly and preserve evidence. We have seen cases where potholes in pavement have been filled the next day, sidewalks bulldozed days later, and other unsafe conditions corrected.

Under Florida law, once a property condition is made safer through a remedial measure, any evidence of that improvement is not admissible at trial. To show negligence, your lawyer needs to obtain photos of the property conditions that caused you to fall before those conditions are corrected. In the case of a transient substance on a floor such as water, the evidence will consist of your testimony describing the condition that caused you to fall. In many cases, your lawyer will need to hire an expert to evaluate the dangerous condition that caused your injury.

Free consultation: There is never a charge to talk to a slip and fall injury attorney at the law firm of Bernstein & Maryanoff. With a principal office in Miami, numerous other offices across Florida, and the willingness to make house calls, our attorneys will be there when you need them. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis.

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