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Personal Injury

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, you may deserve compensation under the law. When your injuries are the result of another party’s negligence, you are entitled to financial relief and to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. When filing a personal injury claim, you can recover for both economic and non-economic damages, including medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Here you’ll find resources that may answer some of your questions regarding personal injury accidents and legal compensation. To learn more, please contact our team of Miami personal injury attorneys.

How to Sue for Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is an integral part of almost any tort claim. When you’re hurt in a car accident, slip and fall or even if you don’t suffer a physical injury, you may wonder how to go about suing for emotional distress. Mental harm is a very serious injury that can impact your health and well-being, …

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Should I File a Worker’s Compensation Or Personal Injury Claim?

Have you suffered an injury at work? You may already know that you can claim worker’s compensation. However, it may also be possible to file a personal injury claim in some cases. Should you file a worker’s comp claim or a personal injury claim? Can you file both? Our Miami personal injury attorneys explain. Whether …

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Can Miami Accident Victims Sue the Federal Government for Negligence?

According to the Congressional Research Service, there are more than 2 million federal employees in the United States. Just like anyone else, these employees may cause accidents. While they are doing their work for the federal government, they still have the capacity to act negligently. Their negligence may ultimately hurt people, and you or someone …

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Does COVID-19 Constitute a Personal Injury Claim?

COVID-19 is a serious health threat. Just like someone can be injured from a slip and fall accident, a person who contracts the virus may suffer severe, life-changing injuries. When you’re a victim of the Coronavirus, you might wonder if there is a way to claim financial compensation. Our Miami attorneys for Coronavirus cases explain …

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What Is a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case?

A deposition is a critically important part of any civil claim. It is a way for the parties to gather evidence, examine the strength of their relative cases, and determine how to best proceed in litigation. A deposition memorializes witness testimony in a formal record before trial. It preserves evidence, builds evidence for the case, …

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When is a Resort Responsible for Personal Injury?

When is a resort responsible for a personal injury? Resort injury accidents are an unfortunate reality for many vacationers throughout Florida. Even though you go on vacation and expect to have a good time, accidents can happen unexpectedly. The resort may have legal liability. Our Miami premises liability attorneys explain when a resort is responsible …

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I Was Hurt on a Business Trip, Can I Get Workers’ Comp?

Whether you love or hate traveling for business, all workers have to be concerned about injuries on a business trip. Most workers know that workers’ compensation covers their day-to-day job duties. But how is workers’ compensation different when you’re traveling for business? Is it different at all? Our Miami workers’ compensation attorneys explain whether you …

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What Is an Offer of Judgment in a Florida Injury Case?

The offer of settlement is an integral part of any Florida civil claim. An offer of settlement is a way to force the other side to formally accept or reject a settlement. It’s an effective way to enforce serious consideration of a settlement offer. Our Miami personal injury attorneys explain offers of judgment in Florida. …

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Florida Non-Economic Damages

Florida non-economic damages are a category of compensation that personal injury accident victims may claim in their case. Non-economic damages compensate a victim for all of the intangible, or non-economic, ways that they suffer because of an injury accident. Non-economic damages typically accompany economic damages in relative proportion to the seriousness of the accident. If …

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What Are Compensatory Damages in Florida?

Compensatory damages are the basis of every personal injury accident. Compensatory damages provide a victim with monetary payment for their losses. When you’re hurt in an accident, you have the right to claim compensatory damages. In fact, compensatory damages are the basis of any injury claim. As an accident victim, it’s important to understand what …

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