Boating Accidents

After a boating accident, you may have questions regarding compensation for your injuries, damages and pain. If you were hurt in a boating accident due to another party’s negligence or failure to take reasonable care, you are entitled to financial relief for your physical and emotional suffering. You deserve fair compensation and to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Here you’ll find resources that may answer some of your questions regarding boating accidents and damages you can claim. To learn more, please contact our team of Miami boating accident attorneys.

What Is the Cause of Most Boating Accidents?

If you are like many Floridians, getting out on a boat and exploring the turquoise waters surrounding the sunshine state is one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Florida. But what happens when you get into a boating accident that results in severe injury or, in worst-case scenarios, a fatality? If you …

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Parasailing Accidents: What You Need to Know

Parasailing is a popular recreational activity occurring over land or water. Cars and trucks can power parasails over land, but recreational parasailing is mainly considered a water-related sport.  Today, many parasails feature a seat suspended from a parasail wing, similar to a parachute, pulled into the air behind a boat. Depending on the design, parasails …

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What Should I Do if I Was Involved in a Miami Boating Accident?

Taking the right steps after a boating accident can have a significant impact on your well-being. Quickly summoning help is crucial for boating accident injuries. There are also legal requirements for making reports to law enforcement. In addition, what you do after a boating accident may impact your legal claim and what you can recover …

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Liability for Florida Jet Ski Accidents

If you’re injured in a jet ski accident, you may have serious injuries and damages. Our Miami watercraft injury attorneys want to help you win the compensation that you deserve after an accident. You may deserve financial compensation, but you must act to receive what you deserve. Our personal injury legal team can help you …

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Cruise Ship Accident Liability

When an accident occurs on a cruise ship, you may be left wondering what to do. A cruise ship accident can be a devastating turn of events on what was supposed to be a memorable vacation. If you’re hurt in a cruise ship accident, you may have the right to financial recovery. However, you may …

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