5 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders have minimal protection. Those who experience wrecks are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents is imperative for everyone. Knowing how to reduce the frequency of common two-wheeled incidents increases safety.

1. Crashes because of intoxication

Driving under the influence is never okay. Drugs and alcohol can influence the decision-making process, thus resulting in tragedy.

Those who imbibe and need to travel should ask a friend for a lift or use a rideshare service.

2. Crashes because of excessive speed

Going too fast increases the chance of wiping out. For some, the thrill of flying down the highway is irresistible.

Despite the appeal of speeding, motorcyclists should always observe the official limit.

3. Crashes because of cars turning left

There is a danger for motorcyclists when cars turn left ahead of them. This is especially true when the motorcyclist is contemplating passing.

Motorcycle enthusiasts should practice anticipating where cars are heading, particularly at busy intersections.

4. Crashes because of switching lanes

Merging cars present a hazard to bike riders, as hogs often get lost in driver blind spots.

Motorcycle operators need to be defensive and keep an eye out for blinking turn signals.

5. Crashes because of driving on the wrong side of the road

Head-on collisions involving motorcycles are often fatal. Riders tempt fate every time they cross the double yellow line.

Motorcyclists should stay in the right-hand lane as often as possible. This leaves escaping onto the shoulder during an emergency a possibility.

Decreasing motorcycle accidents is the responsibility of every motorist. Following these tips should lower the number of aficionados who become roadside statistics.

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