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Important Steps To Take Following A Homestead Personal Injury

Insurance Adjusters Do Not Work For You

The insurance adjuster’s main focus is to save money for their insurance company employer. Since a Homestead Personal Injury lawyer is the only professional with a license allowed to represent people injured in a Homestead accident, the insurance adjuster can’t be your legal representative (nor can your insurance agent!)

Often times the insurance company will pay a local Homestead Personal injury private investigator to work on your case. The personal injury claims representative is told to pay you the lowest amount of money possible. An insurance company will not pay ten cents more than they are required to under Florida law. Insurance companies are corporations created to make profit. They are interested in earning the most money for the stockholders and not in figuring out a way to pay the maximum cash to a Homestead personal injury accident victim. Insurance companies perform audits of the settled files to make certain the claims staff is not paying too much money on Homestead personal injury claims. An adjuster who saves money for the insurance company may be paid a bonus or get promoted. The insurance company will not get you a Homestead physician to give you medical and chiropractic care on a lien. They won’t give you cash advances to pay the doctors bill or for your pay your not earning. They don’t hurry to fix your car or to get you medical care. They don’t wake up at night thinking of how to pay you the most money possible.

Don’t Handle Your Own Personal Injury Claim

It is best not to work on your own Homestead personal injury accident case without hiring a Homestead Personal Injury lawyer to assist you. It is an intelligent move to locate an experienced Homestead Personal injury lawyer who works on personal injury cases continuously with lots of experience with working on Homestead personal injury claims. By hiring such a lawyer you will significantly increase the probability that you will win the most money and raise the likelihood of getting the best medical help with the least possible hassle. The case managers working for our law office’s personal injury lawyers will help with car repair problems if your Homestead personal injury accident involved a car crash. Our law firm’s paralegal staff will help you with legal documents and general release forms which are reviewed by our experienced Homestead personal injury lawyers knowledgeable with insurance company documents. They are also knowledgeable with Florida legal rules regarding damaged property. It is of great importance that property damage releases are signed following a Homestead personal injury lawyers review. If a general release is signed it can destroy your ability to recover money for the bodily injuries you sustained. I have worked on personal injury claims where the insurance company mailed a general release form when paying for the damaged car. If signed it would have prevented further recovery of money for the personal injury case if the forms weren’t changed to delete some of the legal words. If the wording is too inclusive the judge will have no choice but to dismiss the rest of your case.

It is not wise to attempt to handle your own Homestead personal injury case, and will frequently cause you a bad outcome. We get called often by people who believed they’d save money by not finding a lawyer and who we decline to represent since they delayed coming to us and harmed their case. They encountered problems with the insurance company by not hiring a personal injury lawyer. Once an insurance company causes delay in you finding a Homestead personal injury lawyer they frequently strengthened their defenses against your case by taking your statement, asking you questions, and delaying medical care needed not only to heal you but to document your injuries. Do not hurry to settle your personal injury claim following an accident. If you’re having pain get medical attention with a Homestead Chiropractor or Homestead medical doctor experienced with providing help to people injured in a Homestead accident. Therapy such as heat packs, electrical stimulation and massage therapy will assist your recovery. Some kinds of physical injury gets worse as time goes by, rather than healing. The physicians and Chiropractors with experience in helping people with traumatic personal injuries will order CT and MRI scans to reveal personal injury to the inside of your body which can’t be seen on x-ray like herniated and bulging discs in the neck or back. These injuries can require more complex medical help like epidural blocks or surgical procedures. Some types of nerve or brain injuries may continuously worsen as time passes. These are a few important reasons why you should not rush to settle your Homestead Personal injury accident claim. Once you receive a settlement, you can’t return and say, “I had a surgery and should get a higher settlement”, or “I need more medical help now” and would like to reopen my case. Insurance companies are not legally required to pay more money once the case is settled.

Receive Medical Help Now and Pay Later

Doctors normally want to be paid for medical care prior to your entering their office. The front desk secretary will ask for your health insurance card and credit card for the co-pay before the doctor examines you. It is more difficult to pay for medical care after you’re in a Homestead personal injury accident when the injuries keep you from working. People in accidents typically have less money after being the victim of an accident. An experienced Homestead personal injury lawyer will sign a letter of protection also known as an LOP. The doctor will then wait to bill you until they receive health insurance payments or until they receive payment from a settlement. Some MRI center owners, orthopedic doctors (a bone specialist), and other medical specialists will give the medical help and wait for payment until the money is paid on your settlement. An important reason to find a Homestead personal injury lawyer like Jack Bernstein with twenty nine years of experience is that he and the lawyers on his staff know to quickly sign the medical lien form and fax it right back permitting the medical provider to know they will definitely get payment out of the settlement. The Florida Bar ethical rules which a Homestead personal injury lawyer must follow requires the payment of medical bills out of the settlement owed to a medical provider’s office holding a signed protection letter. When your lawyer refuses to sign or causes delay in returning a letter of protection, the medical office won’t want to provide the needed medical care since they know that non lawyer patients getting medical care are not required to follow the Florida Bar Ethics Rules. Without your personal injury lawyer signing the protection letter, the medical office would need to hire their own lawyer to sue you in court, then win a judgment, and then try to collect the money from you. Doctor’s care mainly about providing medical help and do not want to get involved in a lawsuit to recover payment of their bill. Usually they will give medical tests and medical help only when a trusted and experienced Homestead personal injury lawyer like Jack Bernstein, who has been licensed as a personal injury lawyer for more than twenty nine years, or one of the personal injury lawyers on his staff that he is supervising assists with your case.

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Getting Loans With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Loan companies might lend money to you if you were in a Homestead personal injury accident if you have a lawyer helping you with your personal injury case who signs the letter acknowledging their money gets paid back to them out of the settlement. The professional ethics code which lawyers in Florida must abide by makes them pay the loaned money directly from their trust account to the loan company when your settlement proceeds check is written. If you had a loan without a lawyer, and did not pay them out of the settlement, the Loan Company would have to pay a lawyer to sue you in court, win a judgment and try to collect it. Loan companies don’t assume such risk and won’t lend you the money without a Homestead personal injury lawyer representing you.

An additional reason to find a Homestead personal injury lawyer to assist with your Homestead personal injury accident claim is to defend against the insurance company’s team. The insurance company has a team consisting of the adjuster, supervisor, and manager who work together agreeing on the least money they will try to get you to accept. The insurance team will discuss your failure to hire a Homestead Personal injury lawyer and they will be aware that you won’t bring a lawsuit in the Dade county circuit court. They will decrease the amount they would have offered if a local Homestead personal injury lawyer was representing you. Insurance company teams know that it requires a personal injury lawyer experienced in the laws and procedures of the courts to file a case in the eleventh circuit court for Dade County covering Homestead. They know that accident victims who aren’t familiar with local rules of the courthouse covering Homestead and Florida Rules of procedure and evidence law will settle for a lot less money than when an experienced Homestead Personal injury Lawyer is representing your interests. If you are not from Florida, do not hire a personal injury lawyer licensed only in the state you live in to work on your Homestead personal injury case. The insurance representatives will give great weight to the idea that your lawyer might settle for a much lower amount of money for your Homestead personal injury accident case because your lawyer can’t file a lawsuit in the Dade Court if the case is not settled without going to court.

Homestead Injury Lawyer Fighting For You

It is probable that you will receive a greater amount of money if you retain a Homestead personal injury lawyer with experience to work for you than you would on your own. A personal injury lawyer like Jack Bernstein and the lawyers at his law office add a lot of value to the case which typically will result in you receiving more net cash after paying his fees than you would get on your own and without the stomach ache involved. I assist with almost all of the personal injury settlements at our law firm and help with negotiation of most of our personal injury cases. I have assisted with many thousands of personal injury cases and have extensive experience in valuing a personal injury case avoiding undervalued settlements. I not only know the law, but know how to strategize to use it to your advantage to gain you the most settlement money. Often times Homestead personal injury lawyers experienced in the laws will win you enough money to easily pay for the legal fees and in the end get you more net money than you could get handling the case by yourself. Your Homestead personal injury case is handled by our law firm on the Florida Bar contingency contract meaning you pay attorney fees only if we win you money for your Homestead accident.

It is very helpful to hire a Homestead personal injury lawyer with experience to handle your Homestead Personal injury accident case that happened in Homestead for many important reasons. Call the Homestead Personal Injury law firm of Bernstein and Maryanoff now to speak with them at 1-800-429-4529 (4LAW) or 305-253-1000. You can email them also and they will write back if on line immediately or soon afterwards to: [email protected]