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    Cruise Ship

    A Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit is a claim for compensation from someone who is hurt because of the actions of a cruise ship. If you contract the virus, or if you’re quarantined because the cruise ship didn’t take reasonable steps to prevent the virus from spreading, you may have a valid Coronavirus personal injury lawsuit.

    Whether you contract Coronavirus yourself or your life is interrupted by a period of quarantine, you may deserve compensation. In order to receive payment, you must bring a Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit.

    How to Know if You Have a Valid Coronavirus COVID-19 Cruise Ship Lawsuit

    Cruise Ship

    Here are the questions to ask yourself to know if you might have a valid cruise ship lawsuit:

    • Was I a cruise ship passenger? Cruise lines have a legal duty to take reasonable safety measures for their guests. If you’re a passenger, the cruise line has a legal obligation to you.
    • Did I get COVID-19? Was I quarantined? To have a valid lawsuit, you must have suffered some kind of harm. Catching COVID-19 or being quarantined because of an outbreak are both grounds for a claim.
    • Did the cruise ship fail to take reasonable and necessary steps to prevent the outbreak of the virus? Ultimately, the case comes down to whether the cruise ship took reasonable steps to limit the chance of an outbreak or react appropriately if an outbreak occurred.
    • What are my losses? Tangible losses like illness, unnecessary expenses, time lost in quarantine and property damage can all be relevant damages for a cruise ship lawsuit.

    Ultimately, liability comes down to an evaluation of the behavior of the cruise line. Keep in mind that the cruise line is a commercial industry. Because they invite passengers to buy tickets so that their business can make a profit, the safety standards that apply to them are extraordinarily high.

    The risks of disease transmission on packed cruise ships are well known. The cruise lines know that they are subject to a high level of scrutiny when their passengers suffer from a communicable disease like COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus. As you evaluate the actions of the cruise line, understand that the legal standards that apply to them are high. If you suffer from Coronavirus or lengthy quarantine because of the negligence of the cruise line, there is a good chance that you deserve financial compensation. The best way to understand your case is to speak with an experienced Miami personal injury attorney about the exact details.

    What Is My COVID-19 Coronavirus Cruise Ship Case Worth?

    Cruise ShipYour COVID-19 Coronavirus cruise ship case is worth the sum total of your losses. Things that may be included in the value of your COVID-19 cruise ship case are:

    • Medical bills to treat the virus
    • Antibiotics, physical therapy, assistance devices as needed
    • The cost of additional medical bills to treat pre-existing conditions that get worse because of COVID-19; complications from the virus that lead to other medical problems
    • Cost of emergency medical transfers, if necessary
    • Nursing care
    • Medical bills on the ship and back at home
    • Costs of flight cancellations and rebookings; hotel costs
    • Damaged property
    • Inconvenience for the period of quarantine on the cruise ship

    Our attorneys for cruise ship lawsuits can help you understand all of the different types of compensation that may apply in your case. Determining damages for a cruise ship injury case can be complex. However, our team is prepared to fight for all of the compensation that you may deserve.

    Why Hire a COVID-19 Coronavirus Cruise Ship Attorney?

    All cruise ship cases are inherently complex. From a legal standpoint, there are a lot of different issues that need to be resolved correctly to make a claim successful and recover everything that the victim may deserve. For example, jurisdiction is an important question. You need to file the case in the location where the court has the authority to hear the case.

    The cruise line might be incorporated in one state or country. However, you probably bought your ticket from your home. The cruise may have embarked from yet another location, and the virus may have begun to spread in a port in another country. All of this can create complicated issues for knowing where it’s best to bring your case. The court hearing the case may have an impact on what law applies. The law that applies may, in turn, have a significant effect on your rights and the outcome of the case.

    What Sets Our Miami Legal Team Apart

    As COVID-19 Coronavirus cruise ship attorneys, we’re prepared to tackle all of these complex issues. We can help you identify and understand the complex legal issues that are relevant to the case. Most importantly, we know how to navigate the myriad of questions and concerns that matter when it comes to receiving top compensation for your suffering.

    Our Miami legal team knows how to maximize your compensation in a skilled, strategic way. Ultimately, our dedication to providing outstanding legal services gets results for our clients. You can rest assured that we’re taking all the right steps to create and follow an aggressive legal strategy for a successful outcome.

    Bernstein & Maryanoff COVID-19 Coronavirus Cruise Ship Attorneys

    At Bernstein & Maryanoff, we have a team of experienced personal injury attorneys ready to serve you. We believe in aggressive legal representation through expert legal training, courtroom experience and thoughtful advocacy.

    When you work with us, you get our entire team, and our founding attorneys personally oversee every case. Our purpose is to help deserving victims like you navigate the legal system and get justice. We offer free, confidential consultations so that you can experience the Bernstein & Maryanoff difference. Contact our COVID-19 Coronavirus cruise ship attorneys today.

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