Woman Confronts Police After Hit-and-Run Crash

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According to a police report, a woman from West Boca was involved in a hit-and-run crash and proceeded to go on a drunken tirade after being confronted by police.

Monica Felzer, 35, is facing a number of charges after being involved in a hit-and-run and later allegedly trying to bribe a deputy. Charges include DUI, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of a crash. Felzer was leaving the South Florida Fairgrounds when she rear-ended a Toyota stopped in the turn lane at Southern Blvd and State Road 7. The driver of the Toyota got out of his car to tell Felzer he was calling 911. Felzer responded by saying there was no crash and left the scene. The driver followed Felzer until police pulled her over in Royal Palm Beach.

When Felzer spoke to deputies, she told them she had two vodka mixed drinks while at the concert she was attending. Once the deputies handcuffed her and put her in their patrol car, she tried to bribe one of the deputies with $1000 to just drive her home and let her go. Once the bribe failed, she proceeded to threaten the deputy, saying she would have him fired and then killed.

Felzer refused a breathalyzer and originally fought being put in her cell, claiming the cell was “too dirty.” According to the deputies, she also said they would have to beat her and drag her into the cell, then she would claim police brutality. Deputies were able to get her into the cell without harming her, although she allegedly screamed and cursed at them. Felzer was booked and released the next day.

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