Dolphin Expressway Car Accident Leads to Fatality

Officer writing a car accident report

A dangerous crash shut down part of the Dolphin Expressway when a man was killed after apparently hitting a concrete wall, according to reports. The crash occurred on the westbound side between Northwest 12th and 17th Avenues on State Road 836.

The victim was driving a compact car when he struck a concrete wall, ejecting him and throwing him to the other side of the highway. A semi driver passing through the scene immediately afterward said that his rig caught the engine block of the vehicle and dragged it down the road for some distance before he was able to stop. When he did, he immediately had to put out a fire that had developed in the engine block or risk his own truck, which was full of fuel, exploding.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash. Reports indicate that the car had been reported stolen and that speed may have been a factor in the crash.

Single-Vehicle Accidents and Their Causes

While most single-vehicle accidents can be attributed to driver error, there are also cases where a single-vehicle crash is the fault of another party. Some causes of single-vehicle crashes include:

  • Driver interference. If a driver strikes another vehicle, forcing it to the side of the road, the victim may be the only one who crashes, even though the accident is not his or her fault. In these cases, the other driver may be held accountable for the injuries.
  • Roadway dangers. Debris, potholes and other dangerous obstacles in the road may contribute to a single-vehicle accident. In these cases, the city, county or state may be liable for failure to maintain a roadway properly. In other cases, the person or company responsible for the debris in the road may be liable.
  • Mechanical failure. In some cases, the manufacturer of the car is to blame for the crash. This is often due to poor design or poor construction of a vehicle. In these cases, known as product liability cases, the manufacturer may be held responsible for the danger posed by the defective vehicle.

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