12 Injured in Fire Truck Crash

Firefights at a car wreck

According to officials, two fire trucks were involved in a major crash near Jackson Memorial Hospital. Reports show that the first fire truck was heading to a fire while the second, a paramedic truck, was going to the hospital carrying two young children and their grandmother.

The two vehicles crossed paths, with neither stopping for the other. This resulted in a collision at Northwest 12th Avenue and 14th Street. One of the fire trucks flipped due to the impact. In total, 12 people were injured including seven Miami firefighters, the three passengers in the paramedic truck, and two people in a separate vehicle that was clipped by the spinning wreckage. Miami Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Pete Gomez stated, “When you have a 40,000-pound truck flip on its side, and no one is seriously hurt, I’d say that’s a pretty lucky day.” Luckily, the victims did not suffer life threatening injuries. Anyone involved in a similar accident should hire the best truck accident attorney available.

According to a witness, “It was complete chaos in the beginning…There were a lot of police and rescue trucks coming to help.” Before the crash, both emergency vehicles displayed flashing lights and sounded sirens. A Miami police spokeswoman stated that the department is investigating the cause of the crash and who was at fault. Gomez added that it is department policy that drivers of emergency vehicles “follow the rules of the road.” Though emergency vehicles are allowed to run red lights, the driver must ensure that the path is clear.

Personal Injury Claims Involving Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles have certain privileges on the road that allow them to perform emergency services including passing through red lights, passing the posted speed limit and more. However, when emergency vehicles are performing a service, the driver must display flashing lights and sirens so others on the road know to get out of the way to avoid a collision. Drivers of emergency vehicles must also proceed with caution because they have a duty of care to other users of the roadway. When an emergency vehicle is not in an emergency situation, the driver must observe the rules of the road, including stopping at red lights and obeying the speed limit.

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