Sex Abuse and the Dangers with Coaches

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Many parents encourage their children to participate in sports of some sort. There are many reasons as to why parents see this type of activity as critically important in the overall development of their child, and these notions are generally correct. Sports are a great teacher in regards to life, and children learn lessons that can last a lifetime based on these experiences. Unfortunately, not all coaches approach their duties with positive intentions, and there have been many cases of sexual abuse by them. If this has happened to your child, contact both the police and experienced Florida sexual abuse lawyers immediately. Below is a brief introduction to this problem.

Coaches Are Authority Figures

One of the common threads in all forms of sexual abuse of children is that these acts are committed by those people who are seen as occupying positions of authority. Parents are not wrong to instruct their children to listen to their coaches, as no one would expect this type of abhorrent behavior to befall their child. That said, coaches who spend their time working with children for the wrong reasons have the power and influence necessary to manipulate situations in their favor.

Gender Does Not Matter

While some forms of sexual abuse tend to focus on one gender or the other, there have been many cases of coaches engaging in sexual abuse of minors involving both boys and girls. This is not a problem that exists in certain niches and not others, and anyone whose child or children are participating in sports needs to be wary of warning signs that a serious problem is developing.

Signs to Watch For

These warning signs should be relatively clear to a parent who is watching for them. Parental instincts are strong, and most parents learn to trust these instincts in other situations. They need the utmost in trust if there is a possibility that this situation is unfolding. If the child is reluctant to talk about what happens in practice or how he or she likes the coach, you need to dig deeper and work to find out what could be wrong.

If your worst fears are either realized or even merely become a possibility, you cannot afford to dismiss these feelings. Instead, contact the police immediately to begin an investigation and contact experienced Miami sexual abuse lawyers to begin the process of holding both the coach and the employer accountable for these terrible acts. If you need help getting started, contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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