Sex Abuse

Sexual abuse is a traumatic event that will forever scar victims and their families. Depending on where the abuse took place, an employer, organization or caregiver can be responsible for what occurred. They may also be legally responsible if they failed to conduct a proper investigation of the abuser’s background to uncover prior incidents of sexual abuse. As a victim, you may deserve financial compensation for the negligence of those involved.

Here you’ll find resources that may answer some of your questions regarding sexual abuse claims. To learn more, please contact our team of Miami attorneys for sexual abuse.

How Common Is Sexual Abuse in Hospitals?

When you or a loved one enters the hospital, you expect competent, professional care. If you or your loved one is sexually abused in the hospital, you may be left wondering where to turn or what to do next. You might wonder how prevalent sexual abuse is in hospitals. You might also wonder what options …

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Sex Abuse and the Dangers with Coaches

Many parents encourage their children to participate in sports of some sort. There are many reasons as to why parents see this type of activity as critically important in the overall development of their child, and these notions are generally correct. Sports are a great teacher in regards to life, and children learn lessons that …

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Sexual Abuse by Priests and Clergy Members

When certain issues are covered so heavily by the media around the world that reporting done on television, on the radio and in every other medium saturates the public’s attention span, that issue tends to lose its connection to the individuals who are affected by it. Such could be the case with sexual abuse inflicted …

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Sexual Abuse Problems in Nursing Homes

Florida has always been home to a high number of older residents who want to spend their golden years in the sun and warmth that the state provides all year long. As our older residents age, they tend to encounter needs that can generally be provided in nursing homes and assisted living centers. Unfortunately, some …

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Sexual Abuse and Assault by Teachers

Sexual abuse is a serious crime in Florida, but it also gives rise to the potential for civil liability when such conduct occurs and a minor is harmed. This is a problem that persists in the state, and one of the relationships that tend to lead to this type of situation involves teachers and students. …

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Sexual Abuse and Assault by Camp Counselors

As we move towards the fall and schools begin to open, many children in Florida are completing their summer vacations. While their experiences during this time can be memorable for extremely positive reasons, there are also some unfortunate minors who have suffered through very difficult experiences during the past few months, and these experiences center …

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