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The Uber sexual assault attorneys in Miami at Bernstein & Maryanoff are prepared to help you fight for your rights and demand compensation when you’re the victim of a sexual assault during an Uber ride. You may deserve financial compensation. In addition, you can hold wrongdoers accountable. Our Uber sexual assault attorneys in Miami represent victims and fight for justice on behalf of each victim.

Attorneys for Sexual Assault in an Uber

Our Uber sexual assault attorneys in Miami can help you assert your rights when you’re victimized. You may bring your case against Uber, the driver, other passengers, or other parties.

Rider In Uber Rideshare

When you work with Bernstein & Maryanoff, our aggressive legal team fights tirelessly until you have justice. We can handle all of the steps in the case with discretion and with the determination that you need to get results. Contact our Uber sexual assault attorneys in Miami to begin working on your case.

What Compensation Can I Get for Uber Sexual Assault?

Our Uber sexual assault lawyers in Miami are determined to fight for justice for each Uber sexual assault victim. Your compensation may include any of the following:

  • Medical bills, including short-term and long term
  • Mental health treatment; counseling and psychological services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for emotional anguish
  • Compensation for changed lifestyle
  • Punitive or exemplary damages as appropriate
  • Other types of compensation

Don’t settle for less. Our legal team can help you get fair compensation. See how we can represent you with no money down and no compensation unless you collect.

How Can Our Uber Sexual Assault Attorneys in Miami Help?

Our Uber sexual assault attorneys know that being the victim of a sexual assault can turn your life upside down. An Uber sexual assault can leave you feeling lost, angry, and wondering where to turn. You may be wondering what you can do to hold the offender accountable and reclaim your life.

That’s why our experienced legal team provides exhaustive legal services that handle every aspect of your case. When you need to work quickly to demand the preservation of evidence, we take action. Our team helps you file your claim right away, including a thorough list of your damages. We work with you to identify and prove all of your types of damages.

In a sexual assault claim, your physical and mental damages are high. We ensure that you receive fair compensation for the short-term and long-term damages that you experience because you’re victimized. When you work with us, you can expect our Uber sexual assault attorneys to take all of the steps you need to take to win justice for you.

What Is an Uber Sexual Assault Case?

An Uber sexual assault case is a lawsuit based on a sexual assault that occurs during an Uber trip. When you request an Uber driver, you don’t expect to be assaulted. A case is a lawsuit that seeks to hold wrongdoers accountable. You can receive a finding of responsibility in addition to financial compensation.

An Uber sexual assault case is different than a criminal case. The state brings a criminal case to have criminal penalties against the offender. Because sexual assault is a serious offense, the primary goal of a criminal case is typically a period of incarceration. Although the defendant may be ordered to pay financial compensation to the victim, compensating the victim is not the first priority of a criminal case.

However, the goal of a civil case is to see that the victim is justly compensated for their damages and suffering. The focus is on the victim. The victim brings the case on their own behalf. They present the evidence and demand all of the compensation that justice requires. Although the criminal proceeding is an integral part of seeking justice after an Uber sexual assault, it isn’t the only necessary step. An Uber sexual assault case can result in a judgment of responsibility and complete financial compensation for the victim.

Steps to Win an Uber Sexual Assault Case

There are multiple ways to win an Uber sexual assault case. What you have to prove to win the case depends on the type of case that you have. For example, for intentional conduct, you have to show that the behavior caused your damages. Of course, with any type of sexual assault case, you have extreme and obvious damages. You need to prove that the intentional conduct occurred and what damages you have as a result.

However, your case may not only be against the person who is directly responsible for the sexual assault. You might bring your case against Uber for negligently hiring or poorly supervising a driver. In the case of negligence, you need to prove that Uber didn’t abide by their standard of legal duty for your safety. The legal standard is what’s reasonable, but it’s a very high standard because Uber is a business with a responsibility towards their customers.

What Happens When You Meet With Our Miami Uber Sexual Assault Attorneys?

When you meet our Miami Uber sexual assault attorneys, you can expect us to listen. We want to get to know you and answer all of your questions. Our team explains the legal process and what you can expect. We may work quickly to demand the preservation of evidence and identify witnesses. Once we explain the steps involved in bringing a case, we set to work fighting for justice for you.

Our team is skilled in drafting legal documents, building evidence, and identifying legal issues. We handle case negotiations and resolution efforts on your behalf. Throughout the case, we keep your wishes and goals in mind. Our team always keeps you informed about the status of your case, and we work with you so that you can make informed decisions about your case throughout the process.

Uber Sexual Assault Attorneys in Miami

Let our Uber sexual assault attorneys in Miami fight for justice for you. Call us right away to start working on your case. We’re accepting new cases, and we want to help you. See how our injury attorneys in Miami can provide you with aggressive, compassionate legal representation. Call for your confidential consultation today.