The Three Most Dangerous Roads In Miami

Miami-Dade County has the deadliest roads in Florida, in part due to the higher population density and the popularity of the area as a vacation destination for both out-of-state tourists and Floridians alike.

These three roads are the most dangerous in Miami.

Interstate 95 I-95 in Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida During Spring Break in March of 2021

Careless and negligent driving, incorrect lane changing and driving in the wrong lanes are all common causes of crashes on interstates and multi-lane roads. I-95 also has frequent construction, and this road work can create confusion and congestion, which often leads to collisions.

Broken down cars on busy highways can also create a hazardous situation for motorists, especially on roads with higher speed limits like I-95.

NW 54th StreetMiami beach view from Collins Avenue 54th Street Facing north

Congested highways are not the only roads with high accident rates. Roads like NW 54th Street have more cross-streets and intersections, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. The location of this road also affects the number of crashes. It is perpendicular to I-95, which brings increased local traffic, out-of-towners unfamiliar with roads and large vehicles like tractor-trailers.


NW 7th StreetSeventh Street, Miami Beach

Like NW 54th Street, NW 7th Street also has a high number of pedestrians and interstate traffic. The prevalence of intersections means many opportunities for drivers to run red lights or not yield the right of way. This road’s proximity to other large roads as well as the ocean means increased traffic and potentially distracted drivers.

It is crucial to stay focused and follow the rules of the road whenever operating a motor vehicle, but staying vigilant is especially important on dangerous roads like these.

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