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Our Miami Children’s Hospital accident lawyers can help you if you or a loved one is in an accident at Miami Children’s Hospital. When your child enters the hospital, it’s a challenging time. You don’t expect an accident to occur. There are several ways that an accident can occur at the hospital like a slip and fall or medical malpractice. When an accident occurs, you need help getting fair financial compensation.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. At Bernstein & Maryanoff, we’re experienced attorneys for accidents at Miami Children’s Hospital. We understand the complex issues that are often involved when an accident occurs on hospital grounds. Our team is ready to work diligently and thoroughly on your behalf until you have the compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one has been hurt at the hospital, call us today for a free and confidential consultation about your claim.

Miami Children’s Hospital Accident Lawyers

Our Miami Children’s Hospital accident lawyers can help you claim the compensation that you deserve when you or your child is hurt while seeking treatment. We can investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and determine where legal liability might apply. Then, we work on your behalf to claim fair compensation for your losses. We’re trained accident lawyers for Miami Children’s Hospital. It’s our goal to ensure that you receive justice when an accident occurs.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Accident Lawyers

Miami Children’s Hospital is also called Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. It’s an extensive network of medical facilities throughout the Miami region [1]. An accident can occur at any one of the many facilities in the area. Our Nicklaus Children’s Hospital accident lawyers are trained and skilled to represent you wherever your accident occurs.

Preparing Your Miami Children’s Hospital Lawsuit

Naming the right parties is a critical part of your claim. Our skilled legal team ensures that you get it right the first time. Because the Miami Children’s Hospital network is vast, there are often multiple entities involved in providing care. For example, the doctor who performs surgery might work for a different company than the nurses who provide hands-on care. When our attorneys represent you, we conduct thorough research to make sure that we name the right parties in the claim.

Hospital Lawsuit Cases

Hospital lawsuit cases may stem from a number of different types of accidents. For example, your child may be a victim of medical malpractice. In addition, an accident like a slip and fall can happen to anyone who sets foot on the property. There may also be other ways accidents occur, including accidents that result from inadequate security or poor planning for natural disasters.

Miami Children’s Hospital Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice can occur in a children’s hospital, just like it can happen in any hospital. Your child’s medical team has a legal duty to provide adequate care for every child that they treat. The standard is based on someone with the necessary training and qualifications for the work being performed.

Work in a children’s hospital often involves medical specialties. Doctors who perform specialized work are held to the standards of a qualified professional with specialized trained. When they fail to provide the medical care that a trained, experienced professional would provide, they may be accountable for the damages that result.

Miami Children’s Hospital Accident Lawsuits

There may also be accidents that occur that are not directly attributable to medical care. For example, anyone might trip and fall over equipment left in a hallway. Anyone can fall over a spill or a slick spot in the parking lot or in the hospital building itself.

A slip and fall accident can be grounds for a lawsuit against Miami Children’s Hospital even if the victim is not the patient receiving care. A hospital has a very high burden to take actions to prevent slips and falls. They treat patients with varying levels of mobility. Parents and family members have a lot on their mind when their child is in the hospital. The hospital must care for their property and visiting families with these factors in mind. If the hospital could have prevented the fall by taking steps ahead of time, they may be legally liable for the harm that results.

How Our Attorneys for Miami Children’s Hospital Accidents Can Help You

Our attorneys for Miami Children’s Hospital accidents can help you with all aspects involved in bringing a legal claim. We can help you with the following:

  • Directing you to the appropriate medical care to verify the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Evaluation of your long-term prognosis and recovery timeline
  • Investigation of how the accident occurred
  • Preserving available evidence including video and documentation of the accident scene
  • Drafting a legal claim; filing it against the appropriate parties
  • Continuing to build evidence through formal discovery
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Attendance at all court hearings; speaking at pre-trial scheduling hearings and other formal court dates
  • Presentation of the case at trial, if necessary
  • Collection of judgment
  • Settlement planning for the injured party and their future needs

The Miami Children’s Hospital lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff help you with all of your legal needs following an accident. We prepare an individualized and personalized legal strategy to maximize your compensation and ease the burden of the legal process.

Can You File a Lawsuit Against Miami Children’s Hospital?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit against Miami Children’s Hospital. The hospital is a legal entity with the capacity to be sued. If you have a valid legal claim under Florida law, you may bring the claim against Miami Children’s Hospital. The same legal standards apply that apply in similar cases against other entities. As long as you have a valid claim under the law, you may bring your claim against Miami Children’s Hospital.

Contact Our Lawyers for Miami Children’s Hospital Injuries

Did an accident or injury occur at Miami Children’s Hospital? Our lawyers can help. We’re friendly and compassionate attorneys. We want to help you make the best possible path to recovery when you’re hurt in a hospital accident.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation about your case. Let our legal team answer your questions. Together, we can help you get justice after your hospital accident. Call us today.


[1] Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Locations

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