Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

The Bernstein & Maryanoff team is a group of legal professionals who represent accident victims. Whatever your type of injury case, our lawyers in Miami are prepared to fight for you. Our team can represent you in your claim for compensation, whether you’re the victim of a car accident, slip and fall accident, or another type of personal injury case. When you’re hurt, get the lawyers who get results. The Bernstein & Maryanoff legal team is prepared to be your injury lawyers in Miami who fight until you have justice.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami

The injury attorneys in Miami at Bernstein & Maryanoff believe that our extensive experience and dedicated legal training makes all the difference. Our law firm focuses exclusively on personal injury accident cases.

For you, that means we’re seasoned in not just how to handle your case, but how to pursue the details that make the difference between a good result and a great result. We are committed to helping with your injury case by protecting your rights through devoted legal advocacy. We don’t stop until you’re satisfied with your results. That’s the difference with our injury lawyers in Miami at Bernstein & Maryanoff.

What Sets Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami Apart?

At Bernstein & Maryanoff, we begin by getting to know you. To us, you’re so much more than just a number. Instead, you’re our most important client. Helping you is our top priority. To offer you the best, personalized legal services, we need to know you and your priorities. That’s why we take the time to get to know you personally. All of your communications with us are confidential.At the same time, we know that great communication is essential to a productive attorney-client relationship. Gone are the days that you have to wait for a letter from your attorney to come in the mail. Instead, we communicate with our clients by phone, email, and even text. We hope and expect that you will pick up the phone any time you have a question. We also do our part by explaining the legal process. Together we can be an effective legal team as we’re advocates for you.

What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Bernstein & Maryanoff Handle?

We can help you with any of the following types of personal injury cases:

The legal services that we offer are comprehensive. Whatever your type of injury and whatever the steps to recovery, we’re prepared to do what it takes. Getting the right result in your case takes hard work. Our team pays attention to detail to maximize your compensation and ease the strain of the legal system.

What Is the Difference Between Bernstein & Maryanoff?

Bernstein & Maryanoff stands out among the top personal injury lawyers in Miami. For more than three decades, our leaders have devoted their entire legal practice to helping accident victims. Our clients are people who have suffered a serious personal injury because of the actions of others. We also represent families when loved ones lose their lives because of the wrongful actions of another party. We do whatever it takes to earn your respect as the top personal injury lawyers in Miami.

Why Hire Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Miami?

When you hire our injury attorneys, you’re working with an entire team of dedicated legal professionals. We do whatever it takes to reach the best result for each client. With a fully-equipped staff and the best legal resources at our disposal, we put all of the time and attention necessary into achieving unsurpassed results. Millions of dollars in successfully recovered verdicts and thousands of satisfied clients tell our story as dedicated and determined personal injury lawyers in Miami who get results.

How Does Bernstein & Maryanoff Help Me After an Accident?

From the moment we meet with you, we do everything possible to optimize the result in your case. You can expect our injury lawyers to do all of the following for you:

  • Listen thoroughly to offer you informed advice about your options in the case
  • Answer your questions about your legal rights and options
  • Explain what the law has to say about your case and help you understand what’s involved in the legal process
  • Take immediate pretrial action as necessary by identifying and contacting witnesses, documenting evidence, and taking immediate steps to address evidence
  • Legal writing including drafting the complaint and summons
  • Case filing and service of process
  • Pretrial legal strategy including court motions and speaking in court
  • Evidence preparation and development of the case for trial
  • The pursuit of non-trial resolutions including settlement
  • Sound advice about whether to accept a plea or continue to pursue the case
  • Explanation of each stage in the case
  • Preparation for hearings and trial so that you know what to expect
  • Speaking on your behalf and representing you at court
  • Drafting legal documents if you reach a settlement
  • Pursuing of collection of a judgment
  • Appeals if needed

Our legal services are exhaustive. Whatever you need to do from right now until you receive compensation, we’re prepared to take action on your behalf. When there are things that you need to do, like gather documentation, we make sure that you know clearly what you need to do and why. With us, your case is in good hands. We know how important it is to you. We do whatever you need to see the best possible result in your case.

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We believe that great personal injury legal services must be affordable. That’s why we offer free consultations with our experienced legal team. See how we can represent you without any cost upfront and no cost to you unless and until you win your case. Your call is confidential. We believe that nothing should stand in your way of you receiving justice.

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