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    The dental malpractice attorneys in Miami at Berntsein & Maryanoff can fight for compensation for you if you suffer a dental injury. A dental injury may be the result of negligence. If it happens to you, you may be owed financial compensation under Florida medical malpractice laws. Our dental malpractice attorneys are taking on new cases. We can represent you as you claim compensation for your damages. 

    What is a dental malpractice claim? 

    A dental malpractice claim is a demand for compensation based on a preventable dental injury. Dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists all have a legal obligation to perform their jobs with reasonable, competent care. But sometimes, careless error or a lack of adequate knowledge can result in harm. A dental malpractice claim is the response to being the victim of negligence. The victim may recover fair financial compensation under Florida law. They have the right to choose the representation of a dental malpractice attorney. 

    Miami Dental Malpractice Cases 

    Here are some examples of dental malpractice cases: 

    A woman goes to the dentist for a routine filling. The dentist performs the procedure on the wrong tooth. The woman has lasting damage.  An oral surgeon makes an error in administration of anesthesia. As a result, the victim suffers from oxygen deprivation and has long-term complications.  When a patient has a routine dental exam, they show signs of oral cancer. The examining dentist fails to notice the signs of oral cancer. The cancer isn’t treated. 
    Failing to take reasonable precautions resulted in cross-contamination. A dental patient suffers an infection.  The patient undergoes orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, the orthodontist doesn’t have the training to prescribe the right course of treatment. The patient has injuries.  A dentist is negligent in the placement of dental implants. Failing to align the implants correctly results in significant pain and the need for more medical treatment. 
    Because of a lack of care, a dentist makes too large of an incision during wisdom teeth surgery. The patient has delayed healing, follow-up care and needs additional stitches.  A patient shows signs of significant dental complications. A general practice dentist neglects to refer the patient to a specialist.  The dentist assaults or sexually abuses a patient. 


    These are a few examples of dental malpractice. Our team can investigate if dental malpractice happened in your case. Any form of negligence may be the grounds for financial compensation. 

    How our attorneys represent you 

    Here is how our attorneys provide outstanding legal representation for our clients:  

    1. Skill and experienceBeing great dental malpractice attorneys begins with being great legal advocates. We’ve carefully chosen our legal team that is 40 members strong. Each member of our team has thorough training and experience in personal injury law. We know what it takes to pursue your case and see it through. Our experience makes the difference. 
    2. Going the extra mileOur attorneys do what it takes to build a strong case for you. We thoroughly investigate and prepare the evidence to admit in court. We refer you to medical experts as necessary to verify your injuries. You can expect us to pour over legal research for legal issues large and small that may help you. The Bernstein & Maryanoff team goes the extra mile to get results for you. 
    3. Passion and compassionTo us, your case is personal. We pursue your case with passion and compassion. Although we are aggressive litigators throughout the legal process, we’re also understanding advocates. We’re always available to talk when you have questions or thoughts about your case. You can expect us to be understanding and responsive throughout your case. 

    What can I claim in a dental malpractice case? 

    In a dental malpractice case, you may claim all of these types of compensation that may apply to you:  

    • Additional dental care needs 
    • Medical care, if necessary 
    • Emergency room care, ambulance transportation and EMT care 
    • Costs of diagnosing the injuries, scans, x-rays and blood tests 
    • Prescription medications 
    • Additional implants and orthodontic work, if needed 
    • The value of lost work and unearned income, if you can’t work 
    • Pain and suffering, mental health damages 
    • Loss of lifestyle damages 

    You may claim any category of damages for which you qualify. Our team can help you evaluate the value of your case and create a legal strategy to claim the appropriate amount of compensation. 

    Dental malpractice statute of limitations 

    The statute of limitations for dental malpractice is two years. If the cause involves fraud or concealment, the time limit may be extended. You have until the end of the statute of limitations to initiative the case, so it’s important not to miss the deadline. Come meet with our dental malpractice attorneys in Miami as soon as possible. We can get to work on your case the same day.  

    How to choose a dental malpractice lawyer in Miami 

    Here are some reasons to choose our dental malpractice lawyers in Miami: 

    • The Bernstein & Maryanoff team is more than 40 members strong with attorneys and paralegals to meet your needs. We have the resources to handle dental malpractice cases no matter how complex the issues are 
    • Our leaders, Jack Bernstein & Neil Maryanoff, personally oversee your case. We know your name, and we care about you and your story 
    • We try our own cases rather than refer them to other law firms. You know our team on a first name basis. We work for you and with you from start to finish 
    • The Bernstein & Maryanoff team is a personal inury law firm. Helping victims is all we do. That experience gives us the edge as we understand the details involved in pursuing your case 
    • We’re passionate about achieving justice. Whether your case is large or small, we invite you to come learn more. We want you to understand your rights and options 

    Free consultation dental malpractice lawyer in Miami 

    Don’t wait another minute. We’re here to talk about your case. Come talk to us about your claim. Ask any questions you have and learn about your legal rights. Call us or message us today. We’re accepting new cases, and we look forward to meeting you. 

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