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After my car accident I received representation from Bernstein & Maryanoff; Brian Glatzer was my assigned lawyer. I have to say that I been very pleased with my overall experience. After I recouped from the accident, going thru a cervical surgery, Glazer handled everything else-including the insurance company, all legal issues, Dr’s bills….Everything!My paralegal assigned was N. Gutierrez.She is simply amazing. She handled all my issues in a timely manner, very professional, and always responds promptly to my phone calls and emails, and advice about what to do next as my case move forward. I have been more than pleased on my decision to seek legal services and to have you, Glatzer, as my lawyer, frankly I don’t know how I would have done it without a lawyer like you.. I definitely recommend the firm of Bernstein & Maryannoff with no hesitation…And honestly, I was amazed on how fast and successful my case came off to term, only a great lawyer like you Glatzer make that possible. Thank you from all your help as and awesome representation..

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