Uber Driver Involved in Rollover Crash

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A recent rollover crash near the Fort Lauderdale airport involved an Uber driver and passenger, according to authorities. While both victims were said to be recovering, the accident has called into question whether Uber will be allowed to continue offering services in the south Florida area.

The crash occurred when Leonardo Otaran, 41, of Dania Beach rolled his Lincoln Navigator SUV after losing control while traveling north in I-95 to the eastbound I-595 ramp. Otaran’s vehicle traveled through the median and came to rest on eastbound I-595. Two firefighter/paramedics and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper happened to be traveling on I-595 and came upon the accident.

Otaran was not ticketed and no major injuries were reported with either the driver or his passenger.

Uber has threatened to leave Broward County if officials enforce a new set of laws that require insurance, fingerprinting, background checks and licensing for drivers who work with the app-based system. The company claims that it already carries a $1 million commercial liability insurance policy on all drivers for the duration of their fares.

However, county officials claim that Uber’s operations at the airport are illegal, allowing its drivers to avoid fees that are charged to livery drivers as well as the proper licensing required for all taxis and other hired conveyances.

The driver in the recent crash has been temporarily suspended from the service pending an investigation into the crash. The passenger was conveyed to the airport in time to make her New York flight by the firefighters who arrived on the scene.

Can Uber Operate Legally In Florida?

The great debate over Uber and other ride-sharing companies in Florida and elsewhere has been two-sided. Supporters claim that Uber’s liability insurance covers its drivers and allows them to make money while serving a real need in supplying rides. Detractors claim that the company is simply a thinly-veiled run around the laws that exist to protect those in taxis and other hired conveyances from injury by requiring background checks and strict licensing.

So far, there have been few accidents involving Uber, Lyft and other rideshare drivers. Those that have occurred, however, have cause the debate surrounding ridesharing to swell once again.

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