Two Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash

A car wreck

The Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed that two individuals were killed in a horrific multi-vehicle crash on I-75.

The deadly crash occurred around 11:30 p.m. in the southbound lanes of I-75. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that a tractor-trailer carrying concrete wall sections had pulled out of a construction zone and onto I-75’s southbound lanes. The chain reaction began when a silver Mitsubishi hit the truck. The driver, a 29-year-old man, was killed, and a female passenger suffered injuries and was taken to Memorial East Hospital. A white BMW driven by a 17-year-old girl then hit the truck. The impact caused several concrete wall sections to fall on the vehicle, killing her as well. A fourth vehicle, another tractor-trailer, also hit the truck.

Investigators say the crash is one of the worst they have ever seen. It has not been reported if the driver of the truck will face charges for causing the accident.

One of the victims was Liza Angulo, 17. She had recently graduate from high school and had plans to attend college in the fall. She was described as kind and caring, and even helped mentor students who were struggling. According to Principal Elise Blum, “My heart goes out to her family as they process this unbearable tragedy…My thoughts are also with the Class of 2015 as they learn of this shocking loss of their classmate and friend.”

Construction Vehicles and Personal Injury

Construction sites are filled with hazards including tools, heavy machinery and debris. It is not uncommon for workers to be injured in construction accidents. However, construction sites do not only pose a risk to workers but also to innocent bystanders who are nearby. State and federal laws require construction sites to create a safe work area; however, this is not always done properly. When a construction worker or supervisor acts negligently and an innocent bystander is injured or killed, the workers and the company may be held liable for damages.

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