Semi Truck Accident Kills Two

An 18 wheeler semi truck

Two people died while pinned under an overturned semi truck in a fiery crash on the Sawgrass Expressway, according to recent reports. The tractor-trailer apparently rolled over onto the vehicle at the exit ramp to Pat Salermo Drive near the BB&T Center. Fire prevented rescue workers from reaching the two people trapped under the wreckage.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the tractor-trailer driver may have lost control when he struck the right rear corner of the car. The driver, who is expected to survive, was transported to Broward Health Medical Center in serious condition. The victims in the car have not yet been identified.

Semi Truck Accidents Have Deadly Consequences

Unfortunately, the occupants of a passenger car are more likely than not to experience serious injury and death when they are involved in an accident with a semi truck on the open highway. Semi trucks are simply much bigger than passenger vehicles, weighing as much as 80,000 pounds fully loaded.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, about 500,000 trucking accidents occur in the US each year with around 5,000 of them causing fatalities. While this is only one percent of all trucking accidents, trucks are more often involved in fatalities than other types of vehicles. About one out of every eight fatal car accidents involves a large truck. In addition, 98 percent of all fatalities in trucking accidents occur with passengers in other vehicles, not in the truck.

Truck accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. About two-thirds of all trucking crashes occur on rural roads, and about two-thirds occur in daylight hours. More than three-quarters of all truck crashes take place on weekends, when more passenger vehicles are on the highway.

Why Are Trucking Accident Cases So Difficult To Pursue?

Trucking accidents are notoriously difficult to pursue as personal injury cases. Most trucking accidents involve many possible defendants, from the truck driver to the owner of the vehicle or the owner of the trucking company. Further, truck drivers are required to keep detailed records of hours spent on the road and maintenance performed on their vehicles, but these records can be difficult to find and interpret for the average person.

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