Hit-and-Run Crash Critically Injuries Canadian Tourist

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An Ontario, Canada, man who was in Miami for the Ultra Music Fest was hit and critically injured by a woman who is already out of jail, according to recent reports.

Alexander Sanghwan, 22, had just left a club with his friends and was looking for a cab near NE 5th Avenue and 180th Street. A driver struck him and fled the scene without stopping, leaving him with severe head injuries. The victim may have to undergo brain surgery as a result of the crash. According to his parents, he was hit from behind.

Olivia Bennett, 26, was placed under arrest for leaving the scene of a crash after she turned herself in through her attorney. Police believe that she was driving a BMW 335i that was later discovered with heavy front-end damage in a local parking lot. Bennett has not been able to provide proof of a driver’s license. She was held on a $12,500 bail and was released when she posted the cash bond.

Hit-and-Run and Personal Injury Cases

Many people believe that if they are the victim of a hit-and-run they cannot collect any compensation for their injuries. This is not true; in fact, some hit-and-run victims are able to recover compensation from their own insurance company or from other sources, even if the driver does not stop or render aid at the scene.

This does not mean that a hit-and-run accident is an easy one to pursue. When the driver remains at large, it can be difficult to ascertain the facts of the accident. Third-party liability may also be difficult to prove because these parties will often try to blame the absent driver in order to avoid payment.

Even when the driver is caught, it can be difficult to recover compensation. Many drivers flee the scene because they have no license or insurance because they are drunk or because they want to avoid the consequences of their actions. This can make it very difficult to hold them financially accountable for the crash.

One thing that you can do to make it easier to recover damages in a hit-and-run crash is to contact a hit and run lawyer like those at Bernstein & Maryanoff in Miami can help you understand your rights and take the right steps to recover money to pay for your expenses, including medical bills and lost wages.

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