Cyclist Seriously Injured In Crash Caused by Alligator Road Kill

Paramedics at bike crash

According to reports, an early morning ride of cyclists has left six injured, one seriously, after several members slipped on the remains of an alligator.

About 30 cyclists were riding on State Road 84 around 7:00 a.m. when the pack ran over the remains of an alligator who had been hit and killed by a vehicle. Authorities say that the animal was a baby gator about the size of an iguana. The first cyclist ran over the remains and lost control of his bike. This caused a chain reaction crash. According to a witness, cyclist Glenda Metz, the first cyclist “clipped it and we were going fast enough to make the front wheel of his bike lose control. He fell over and everyone riding behind him fell on him.”

Six people were injured. Four were injured badly enough to be taken to nearby hospitals. Metz stated that most of those who crashed suffered minor injuries including broken ribs and clavicles. The first cyclist to hit the alligator and crash is in serious condition at Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale. According to Metz “He’s on a ventilator…He’s fighting for his life.”

Road Debris and Crashes

Bicycles are typically more susceptible to accidents that are caused by road hazards than vehicles. This is because bikes are relatively unstable, have thin tires and can unexpectedly waver and cause the rider to lose control due to treacherous road surfaces. When an accident involving a bicycle occurs, road hazards like potholes, cracks or other issues with the pavement are often to blame.

When a bike accident is caused by a road hazard, the responsible party could be the state, county, city, or other public agency that is responsible for maintaining the roadway. However, personal injury suits against the government can be tricky and difficult. You should never attempt one without the help of a skilled personal injury attorney like those at Bernstein & Maryanoff. For example, if you hit a pothole that formed as the result of shoddy, temporary repair work, you may have grounds for a personal injury suit. If those responsible failed to display sufficient warning, such as blocking off the area, placing cones around the area or displaying warning signs, they are likely liable for your injuries.

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