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Types of Personal Injury Accidents

There are many types of personal injury accident that occur in Florida on a daily basis. Victims may suffer from physical, emotional or financial damage that, in some cases, can last a lifetime.

There are dozens of types of personal injury accidents, but most can be categorized into a few larger groups, including:

  • Vehicle-related accidents. The most common type of personal injury lawsuits are based on vehicle accidents. These include car crashes, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, bicycle accidents and accidents involving scooters, ATVs and other motorized vehicles. These accidents often lead to serious physical injury, emotional trauma and high financial costs.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents. The slip-and-fall accident may be the most common type of personal injury accident, although many victims do not file lawsuits. In some cases, victims believe that they have not been injured seriously only to find later that they have suffered physical trauma such as whiplash or muscle damage. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur on the same level, as when a person slips on a wet floor, or from different levels, such as when the victim is climbing stairs or a ladder and falls.
  • Premises liability accidents. There are several types of personal injuries that may be based on the idea of the owner of a piece of property being liable for the injuries that occur there. This concept, known as premises liability, may apply when someone falls, is bitten by an animal or suffers an electric shock on the owner's property. It usually applies if the owner has not taken sufficient care to ensure that the property is safe. In the case of shop owners, premises liability can apply if someone is assaulted on the property or suffers some other type of injury because of the owner's failure to make the property secure.
  • Medical malpractice. If a healthcare professional does not adhere to the accepted standard of care for a patient and an injury results, a medical malpractice claim may result. This can include injuries caused by improper administration of drugs or poorly executed treatments as well as withholding necessary treatment.
  • Product liability. The manufacturer and seller of a product have a duty of care to customers to ensure that products are safe when used as intended. If they fail to meet this standard, a product liability lawsuit may result.

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