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West Kendall Auto Accident Tips


Following a West Kendall, Florida auto accident, it is important to take steps to get your life back on track. Your car may need to be fixed. You may have injuries needing medical treatment. You can be out of work and not getting paid. You may not be covered by health insurance for the medical and hospital expenses. How do you cover the additional medical bills when you aren’t working? How do you figure out which doctor should treat you? By hiring an experienced West Kendall Auto Accident Attorney like Jack Bernstein of Bernstein and Maryanoff who has worked on tens of thousands of auto accidents for over twenty years, you will get the answers and help you require. Important to note: Our main office is in West Kendall Florida. We will visit you at your home, office or hospital. Our office makes house calls anywhere in Florida.


We get paid attorney fees only when we get you money for your case. If we are unable to win you money for your auto accident claim you don’t pay us any attorney fees. Licensed insurance representatives who work for the insurance company adjust claims for West Kendall auto accident cases. The primary goal of the insurance representative is to pay the smallest sum of money from their employer insurance company possible. By paying claims slowly, the insurance company earns interest on the money they have in the bank. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the insurance representative represents you for your West Kendall auto accident. They may seem nice, but they do not represent you. At times the insurance companies employ a local West Kendall Auto Accident claims investigator to handle your claim. The insurance adjuster pays the least amount of money Florida law forces them to pay. An Insurance company is a business whose central purpose is profit making. They will not pay an extra dollar above the amount the law makes them pay. They attempt to make the most profit for the company. They are not out to make generous payments to people injured in auto accidents. Insurance companies will not try to find the best West Kendall doctor for your medical needs. They won’t pay you cash up front while you are out of work even if you are not receiving a pay check and they will not advance you money to pay your medical bills to avoid collection against you. They don’t rush to get your car repaired. They do not hold meetings to strategize a way to pay you the largest settlement possible for your auto accident case.


It is not beneficial to work on your own auto accident claim or to try and settle with the insurance adjuster directly without a West Kendall Auto Accident Attorney assisting you. It is very important for you to rely on the experience of an attorney with West Kendall auto accident cases who settles them on a regular basis, and who has experience in assisting people with West Kendall auto accidents. The chance of you receiving the highest settlement increases and makes it more probable you will get the best possible medical help with the least difficulty trying to figure out which medical offices to go to. Our office has case managers with experience who work closely with an attorney in our law firm who oversees their work and assists with car repair problems caused by a West Kendall auto accident. Your auto may be a total loss. We will speak with the insurance adjusters and get them to pay what your car was worth. We will help to get your car paid off with the bank. We have case managers and attorneys with experience working on West Kendal Auto Accident claims who will study the legal forms and who have knowledge with auto accident general release documents the insurance company will want you to sign. Don’t sign documents from the insurance company before our attorneys read them and make certain only the correct legal language appears. If you don’t do that you may find you signed away important rights to payment for some types of property damages, rental car expense, automobile storage charges and other property damage rights. The standard general release form may result in you giving up legal rights to recover money for a supplement for additional damage not uncovered until the first auto repair is finished. The most important reason to make sure the legal forms are correct is that signing documents with certain language will give up any right to recover money for personal injuries or medical expenses. My office handled an auto accident case where the insurance adjuster sent us a general release for the property damages. If we had not changed the wording, the document would have released any additional payment for the injury and medical bill claims. Many times we must change the forms submitted by the insurance adjuster to protect our auto accident cases. There are many cases where people filed suit against the insurance company where they didn’t realize they were releasing the entire case and lost.

Our attorneys have worked on tens of thousands of auto accident claims and have a lot of experience. Before working on your own case, think about how many auto accident cases you have handled. It should be clear that you should let an attorney with experience in the many laws, procedures and pitfalls involved in these auto accident claims resolve your case. You should give the work involved in solving the problems created by your West Kendall auto accident case to Jack Bernstein and the attorneys in his law office. Do not hurry to settle your case after your auto accident in West Kendall Florida. It is best to let a West Kendall Chiropractor or medical doctor with experience helping victims of auto accidents help you heal before you settle. Physical therapists and massage therapists can assist you in healing your injuries. Some injuries to your body worsen rather than get better as time goes by. Doctors experienced in helping people injured in auto accidents may request diagnostic tests such as CT scans or MRI’s to find out if you have suffered an injury to the physical structures of your body. These sophisticated tests help reveal internal injuries to your spine and the discs and structures in your back or other body parts. Some of these injuries will heal only after aggressive medical care such as epidural injections or surgery is done. Some injuries such as nerve injuries in the wrists or brain injuries may slowly get worse over time after an auto accident. There is great significance to your West Kendall Auto Accident attorney keeping those thoughts prominently in his mind he helps you with your West Kendall auto accident case resolution.


Many medical offices want their money paid for medical care at the time of each office visit, especially if you have no health insurance. It is much harder to pay for medical help after a West Kendall auto accident, especially when your injury causes you to miss time from your job. Experienced attorneys who have handled many West Kendall auto accident cases know that the doctor office letters of protection should be signed immediately and faxed back so the doctor has confidence that they will be paid at the time of the settlement. It means to them the attorney believes he will win your case, which will cause you to get all needed medical help without any reluctance by the doctor’s office. Other types of West Kendall medical companies such as MRI centers and surgical centers will take a letter of protection and wait to get their money at the time of settlement also. Another good reason to retain an experienced attorney such as Jack Bernstein who helps clients with West Kendall auto accident cases is he will immediately sign the doctors lien form causing the medical office to trust they will get their money out of the settlement by Jack’s office and won’t hesitate to give the medical help needed. Florida Attorney Ethics Regulations that guide Florida attorneys conduct requires the attorney handling an injury claim to pay all medical offices with a lien letter out of the settlement or they are subject to discipline. If you don’t have an attorney to sign the lien letter, the Medical provider will not have the same level of assurance that they will get paid at the time of settlement since the Florida Bar attorney ethics rules do not apply to non-attorneys. If the medical office was not paid by someone without an attorney, their only recourse would be to bring an action against you in court. Doctors and medical providers don’t want to take that chance. Most chiropractor and doctor offices will give medical assistance needed for injuries suffered in a West Kendall auto accident and wait to get paid only if there is an auto accident attorney such as Jack Bernstein assisting with your auto accident case.

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Funding companies may advance cash to a West Kendall auto accident client when they have an attorney willing to honor the loan agreement the funding company has you sign. This agreement requires you to pay the money back at the time of settlement. Florida Bar ethics rules force attorneys to pay the loan back to the funding company at the time of settlement. If there is no attorney to agree to honor the loan documents you sign, they would need to bring an action against you in court to force you to pay them back. They normally won’t take that chance where they are without the protection of an attorney who must honor the loan repayment or face bar punishment and be personally forced to repay them.


Additional points to consider when hiring a West Kendall auto accident attorney are how insurance companies strategize payment to you of the smallest possible settlement. Insurance company’s staff work together on a team (they call them units) in the most strategic way to give you the smallest sum of money possible to have you sign a release. The insurance unit consisting of the adjuster, the supervisor, and the manager (and in bigger cases a regional manager and the home office claims committee) work together on every auto accident claim and talk about the weaknesses and strengths of your case. An important part of their discussion is whether you represent yourself. If you are handling your own case it means that a non attorney will rarely have the knowledge or skill to bring an action in the Miami Courts if the insurance company refuses to pay a reasonable sum for your West Kendall auto accident claim. The insurance adjuster knows that it takes an auto accident attorney who is experienced to bring an action in the Miami Court. They know that non attorneys will not be aware of the laws and legal rules in court necessary to fight the insurance company’s legal defense team. The insurance representatives and insurance defense attorneys are skilled at preventing you from getting a settlement in the high value range for your West Kendall Auto Accident claim. If you live outside of Florida, it is wise not to hire an attorney from a state who is not licensed to practice law in Florida. The insurance adjuster will consider that. There is also the possibly the out of state attorney could suggest that you settle for a smaller amount of money than you should because he or she would not be able to file a lawsuit in the Miami Circuit Court if the insurance company refused to offer a reasonable settlement.


Often times you will receive a much higher settlement offer by having an attorney experienced in working on West Kendall auto accident cases helping you. Insurance companies usually offer a higher settlement for auto accident cases when an attorney with experience is negotiating with the insurance adjuster for you. As a general rule, you will get paid more money yourself than you would without an attorney. I work closely with the attorneys in our Miami law office during negotiation on your West Kendall Auto accident case to strategize on getting you the most money possible. Many times I handle negotiation of your personal injury case myself. I have assisted with thousands of auto accident claims and have a lot of experience in negotiating the maximum settlement on your case. We handle your auto accident case on a contingency basis meaning we only get paid attorney fees if we win your case.

It is smart to retain an attorney who is experienced in handling the problems involved in a West Kendall auto Accident case for these and many other very important reasons. You may call the West Kendall Auto Accident Law Office of Bernstein and Maryanoff now and speak to them at 1-800-429-4529 (4LAW) or 305-253-1000. You can send us an email and we will write or call back if on line right away or in a short time if we are not. Write to: [email protected]