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Explaining Leading Causes of Accidents

Leading Causes of Boating Accidents

Florida is home to thousands of regular boaters, and anyone who wants to spend some time at sea has a plethora of choices that range from lakes to rivers to the ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. While the types of bodies of water may differ in Florida, the causes of Florida boating accidents remain alarmingly consistent. Below you’ll find a brief overview of some of the leading causes of these incidents, and if you or someone you love has been harmed in such a circumstance you need to seek the help of experienced Florida boating accident lawyers as soon as possible.

Operator Inattention

Operating a boat is not much different than driving a vehicle on the road in terms of the focus that’s required of the person behind the wheel. As such, a lapse in attention of even one second can prove to be dangerous if not deadly, which is why operator inattention has consistently ranked as the leading cause of Florida boating accidents in recent years.

Lack of a Proper Look-Out

Vessels on the water need more than one set of eyes fixed on the surrounding sea so that potential problems can be spotted and the person operating the boat can take appropriate measures in response. When a vessel is not making use of a look-out, the safety of those onboard is limited to the field of vision of the operator. Failing to use a look-out is always near the top of the list of causes of Florida boating accidents.

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Excessive Speed

As is the case with vehicles on Florida’s roadways, boat operators tend to speed regularly. When boat operators are traveling at a rate of speed that’s too high, it reduces the margin of error that any operator has at his or her disposal, and engaging in such conduct only raises the likelihood that a crash will occur.


Perhaps the most daunting entry on the list of leading causes of Florida boating accidents is the use of alcohol by those who operate these vessels, specifically because this conduct is so preventable. Alcohol use leads to the same lack of judgment and slower reaction times on water as it does on land, and it also leads to a high number of accidents as a result of its use by those who are supposed to safely navigate any boat.

Clearly, Florida boating accidents can occur for any number of reasons, but those listed above have consistently been recorded as causes in recent years. If you or someone you love has been harmed in such a collision, you need to seek the help of Florida boating accident lawyers who have been holding negligent boaters accountable for many years. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.