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Victim’s Financial Concerns

Settlements for Sex Abuse Victims

Sexual assault can result in significant expenses for the victim, sometimes totaling into the tens of thousands of dollars. Medical costs may include bills for emergency and ongoing care, prescription drug costs, and other charges. The victim may have large psychotherapy bills for short- or long-term mental health care. A victim may also be absent from work for a lengthy period, resulting in reduced wages or job loss. If the victim is a student, he or she may experience declining grades, which may result in lost tuition, scholarships or financial aid. A sexual assault victim may also need to move, causing further expenses. Family members may also suffer losses as a result. However, if insurance does not cover all of a victim’s actual expenses, other sources may be available. If you have been raped or sexually assaulted and feel overwhelmed by financial worries, contact an expert attorney to help you obtain any financial assistance or compensation available to you.


A lawsuit against the perpetrator or other responsible persons may be able to compensate for these expenses, as well as for personal, nonfinancial damages to the victim. Compensatory damages for economic losses, such as lost wages, impaired earning capacity, medical expenses, and miscellaneous expenses such as transportation and babysitting, can be significant. Non-economic damages might include physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, fright, denial of social enjoyments, or humiliation. A victim may also be compensated for disability, disfigurement, or aggravation of a pre-existing ailment or condition. In some cases, compensation may also be obtained for claims by the victim’s spouse for loss of consortium. An experienced attorney can help a sexual assault survivor decide how to seek compensation for these expenses and assist him or her in taking the required steps.


In many jurisdictions, a restitution order entered in a criminal case does not bar a damages recovery in a civil action arising out of the same incident. However, any compensatory damage award in a civil suit is generally reduced by the amount of restitution already received by the victim.

Means of Compensation

Many states have a victim’s compensation fund to compensate certain victims who have filed a police report for specified expenses incurred because of a sexual assault. These state funds typically give the victim a fairly short period within which he or she must apply for aid. Therefore, a sexual assault victim should not delay in investigating whether state fund opportunities are available. A victim may also be able to receive restitution as part of a civil protective order, and, of course may recover damages from the perpetrator or a liable third party as a result of bringing a civil claim. Although not everyone will secure compensation, it is important for you to contact an expert law firm to analyze your rights and to determine whether you should pursue your claims.

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