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Explaining the Issue Regarding Clergy Members

Sexual Abuse Issues Regarding Clergy Members

When certain issues are covered so heavily by the media around the world that reporting done on television, on the radio and in every other medium saturates the public’s attention span, that issue tends to lose its connection to the individuals who are affected by it. Such could be the case with sexual abuse inflicted by clergy members in Florida. The world has seen and heard horrifying stories in this regard for years, and the fact of the matter is that it still occurs right here at home. If your child has suffered from this conduct, seek the help of experienced Florida sexual abuse lawyers . In the meantime, below is a brief overview of this issue.

How Sexual Abuse by Clergy Members Occurs

There are several reasons that sexual abuse by clergy members occurs. Perhaps at its foundation, this conduct is made possible by the trust that’s placed in clergy members by society, and this trust is often reinforced by a child’s parents. Children are taught to listen to and to obey members of the clergy they deal with, which on the surface seems like normal parental advice.

However, this trust and this reinforcement by parents tends to provide clergy members with a high degree of power and influence over any child. This imbalance in power and the common reaction by children to keep wrongful conduct to themselves only makes matters worse in most situations.

How Sexual Abuse by Clergy Members Should be Handled

It should be understood by now that parents need to monitor relationships between their children and clergy members as they would any other friendship or interpersonal dynamic. While this may be a disappointing reality to accept, it must be done in order to protect the child’s wellbeing and emotional health.

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If your child admits that he or she has been the target of sexual advances or sexual abuse, you need to take action on two fronts. The first is to contact police as soon as possible to report the crime. The second is to contact experienced Florida sexual abuse lawyers as soon as possible to begin the process of protecting the child’s rights.

Florida sexual abuse lawyers with experience will understand how to proceed in terms of identifying the proper defendant or defendants as well as how to structure the damages that will be pursued that will help allay costs that will surely arise in the future when the child needs psychological and emotional health.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, contact the Florida sexual abuse lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.