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Legal Malpractice

Attorneys are required to comply with the rules of civil litigation and the rules in place in a particular court, when dealing with the courts, other attorneys, and third parties. If your attorney fails to comply with these rules, and your legal rights are injured as a result, you may have a viable legal malpractice claim.

Miami Malpractice Lawyers

Over the past 29 years, lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff have resolved more than 50,000 injury cases, including many cases of malpractice involving doctors, dentists, architects, and other professionals. From our principal office in Miami and numerous other offices across Florida, we represent clients throughout the state.

Legal Malpractice – An OverviewMan on life support

Sudden trauma or serious illness often brings family members together for the first time in years. Heart-wrenching decisions need to be made. In some families, there may be a natural decision-maker. In others, too many options, too many conflicting values, too much friction, and too little practice in making joint decisions create fierce disagreements that may hurt both the family and the patient.

Do you trust your family members to make good healthcare decisions on your behalf? Does your family know the quality of life with which you are willing to live? Have you made known to them your idea of a “good death,” or what you consider a “death with dignity?”

Most people envision a peaceful death at home, surrounded by loved ones. However, 80% of us will die in long-term care facilities or hospitals. In these settings, many modern healthcare treatment options are readily available. Unfortunately, when a patient can no longer weigh these options themselves, difficult healthcare decisions can fall to distraught family members.


Understanding Lawsuits

If you feel your attorney has mishandled your lawsuit, you should seek the advice of an experienced legal malpractice lawyer to understand your possible legal remedies.


Legal Malpractice – Fee Agreements and Disputes

A common complaint from clients is that they never know what to expect in terms of payment for their lawyers’ legal services, and do not understand their options if they disagree with something that occurs in the payment process. If you feel you have a valid dispute with an attorney about legal fees, consult a different lawyer to explore your legal remedies.


Legal Malpractice – Fees, Costs and Expenses

If you are unable to settle a compensation dispute with a lawyer, you should consult a legal malpractice attorney to explore your legal options.


Legal Malpractice-Common Bases of Malpractice Claims

Unfortunately, lawyers don’t always get the results for their clients that the clients had hoped for. Sometimes, there is nothing more that the attorney could have done-there are no guarantees in our legal system. In some cases, however, the attorney either did something wrong, or failed to do something he or she should have done. In those cases, the attorney may be liable for legal malpractice. If you believe your attorney may have committed legal malpractice, an attorney can advise you about your legal rights and remedies.


Legal Malpractice Resource Links

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Publications and information regarding legal ethics, professional regulation, client protection, and lawyer assistance programs.

National Organization Of Bar Counsel
Legal ethics resources, and summaries of recent cases involving attorney discipline.

Reform-oriented commentary on attorneys and the state of the U.S. litigation system.