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Helping Injured Clients Secure Settlements

Helping Injured Clients Secure Settlements

When someone is injured because of the negligent conduct of someone else, it often gives rise to the possibility of the filing of a Florida personal injury lawsuit . However, the majority of Florida personal injury issues at least begin with the exploration of a fair and equitable settlement for the injured party so that delays and costs of litigation can be avoided by both sides to a controversy. However, anyone who finds themselves in this situation needs to seek the help of experienced Florida personal injury lawyers , as the discussion below will explain.

Insurance Adjusters – Not Working for Your Interests

One of the first parties that will become involved with a Florida personal injury situation is an insurance adjuster who works for the insurance carrier of the party whose negligent conduct led to an injury. Insurance adjusters are like any other sect of the population – each is different, but all of them have the same goal – to limit the liability faced by their employers.

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Therefore, someone without a legal background attempting to negotiate a settlement with an insurance adjuster is likely to encounter certain tactics that simply would not be attempted if that insurance adjuster was dealing with an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer. These tactics include unreasonable low-ball offers, refusal to negotiate fairly, delays and other steps taken that are all designed to prompt the injured person to accept an offer when he or she feels that this is the best that can be done for his or her interests.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers Understand This Process

When settlement negotiations are ongoing, the real and the perceived tend to merge. What this means is that when an attorney is handling the settlement process, those on the other side understand that there will be no delay or hesitation to file a Florida personal injury lawsuit should such a step become necessary.

In addition, Florida personal injury lawyers not only understand the law that governs these situations, but also how to place a fair and proper value on an injury claim such that less time is wasted by the other side in an attempt to convince the injured party that his or her claim is not worth as much as previously thought.

Overall, insurance companies do not want to face the prospect of a Florida personal injury trial if possible. These trials run up legal costs and raise the potential for a much larger payout in terms of liability if it attaches to their policyholder. If you or someone you love has been harmed by someone else, contact the Florida personal injury lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.