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Important Steps After a North Miami Beach Auto Accident

North Miami Beach Auto Accident Attorneys

Following a North Miami Beach Auto accident, often people find they are uncertain of what steps to take. Your auto may need repair, you suffered personal injuries and require medical help, and may not have medical coverage. You may be financially strapped. You should not wait to hire an attorney with experience for your North Miami Beach Auto Accident case such as Jack Bernstein of Bernstein and Maryanoff who has worked on thousands of auto accident cases for thirty years. (** We have a local office in the North Miami Beach area for consultations)

Insurance Adjusters Are Not On Your Side

We are paid attorney fees only when we are successful in getting you money. If we don’t get you a settlement, you don’t pay us a penny of attorney fees. Insurance adjusters are licensed by the government to handle auto accident cases for an insurance company. The claims adjuster is loyal to the insurance company employer. Adjusters will work to save money for their insurance company. Insurance adjusters do not represent the injured person from an auto accident. An insurance company supervisor will often hire a local North Miami Beach Auto Accident insurance investigator to investigate and resolve your case. The auto accident claim’s adjuster’s job when resolving a North Miami Beach auto claim is to pay you the lowest possible amount of money the law requires. An insurance company is a business whose goal is to increase profit and they don’t pay a dollar more than they are forced to pay you by law. An Insurance company is a business vehicle to earn profits. Their concern is to get the maximum return on investment for their stockholders and not to show generosity to a North Miami Beach auto accident victim. An adjuster will not attempt to locate the best possible North Miami Beach medical office to help you heal and will definitely not give you cash up front to pay your medical bills or for your lost income. They don’t rush to get you a rental car or to repair your car. They definitely are not holding meetings to figure out how to pay you the most money possible!

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Why Not To Handle Your Own Auto Accident Claim

Attempting to settle your auto accident case directly with the insurance adjuster without using a North Miami Beach Auto Accident Attorney as your representative is not the best move. It is best to hire an attorney who handles North Miami Beach Auto accident’s on a regular basis and has extensive experience on these claims. Doing so will increase the chances you get the highest amount of money and the best medical care. We have paralegals working with an Attorney who reviews their work and helps you to get your car repairs taken care of. If your auto is declared a total loss our paralegals will assist with getting the insurance adjuster to pay for the Auto’s value, or to pay the loan back. Our experienced case managers help to complete the paperwork which is then read over by the experienced North Miami Beach personal injury Attorney on our staff who regularly reviews the auto accident property damage release forms. A review of the legal forms is critically important when dealing with releases for property damage, rental and storage charges, and any other type of property damage. They should always be read by a personal injury attorney first before signing them. If a general release document has been signed, you can release your right to receive additional money in the event a supplement is needed for additional damage found after the first auto repair. More importantly failing to have the correct wording can waive your right to get money for your personal injury claim. I have been involved with auto accident cases where insurance adjusters gave us a general release form when paying for the property damage claim. If the form were simply signed and not altered, the right to win money for the personal injury claim would have been lost.

It is not a good idea to handle your own personal injury auto accident case. You should not hurry into a fast settlement for a personal injury case following your North Miami Beach auto accident. If you are having pain, the best advice is to get medical care from a North Miami Beach Chiropractor or physician who has experience with helping auto accident and other personal injury victims. It helps to receive care from a physical or massage therapist if your doctor believes it will help you heal from your injury. At times your injury may worsen with the passing days and weeks instead of improving. Medical professionals such as Chiropractors have training in healing traumatically induced personal injuries from an auto accident. They often prescribe a magnetic resonance imaging test (MRI) or a CAT scan to determine if the hard tissue in your body has been injured such as the discs in your spine. These tests can indicate if you need more aggressive medical care like epidural blocks or surgical procedures. Some nerve injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and brain injuries get worse as time passes. An experienced personal injury attorney will be aware of the above points and advise you not to rush to settle your North Miami Beach auto accident claim.

Postpone Payment Of Your Medical Bills

Most doctors make you pay for your medical care on the day of treatment before you are seen. This is especially true when you have no medical insurance. Making payment for your medical and chiropractic care following an auto accident in North Miami Beach is more difficult when you are out of work, or are working less hours and when you’re in a more difficult financial situation because of the accident. An attorney with experience in handling North Miami Beach auto accident cases knows the importance of signing a letter of protection with the medical offices so they will wait to get their money from the health insurance or out of the settlement. In addition to the treating doctor, there are a few MRI Centers, orthopedics, and other medical specialists that will provide you medical services and wait to get paid out of your settlement or from your insurance company. An additional important reason to hire a personal injury attorney with training and experience like Jack Bernstein who handles North Miami Beach Auto accident cases on a regular basis is that he will sign the lien from the medical offices creating trust in the medical provider that they will get paid out of the settlement. The Professional Ethics Rules which North Miami Beach personal injury attorneys must follow require them to pay the medical office with a signed letter of protection. Without a personal injury attorney to sign the letter of protection, the medical provider does not have the same amount of confidence they will get their bill paid because the patient is not bound by the attorney ethics rules. The medical provider would need to file a lawsuit against the patient if they were not paid out of the personal injury settlement. Doctors don’t like to take that chance and don’t like to sue their patients. Doctors will usually provide medical care to a victim of a North Miami Beach Car Accident only if there is an experienced personal injury attorney such as Jack Bernstein working on the case.

You May Get a Loan If We Work On Your Case

Loan companies often lend money to an accident victim involved in a North Miami Beach auto accident case when there is a North Miami Beach personal injury attorney who is willing to sign and agree to honor the loan out of the settlement. The ethical rules that a North Miami personal injury attorney in Florida follow require the attorney to make certain the loaned money is paid back when the case settles. If there were no personal injury attorney involved paying back the loaned money such as Jack Bernstein or one of the attorneys in his office, the loan company would have to file a lawsuit against you to get their money if you didn’t pay them out of the settlement and they won’t go that route.

Additional good reasons to retain a North Miami Beach experienced personal injury attorney to help with your auto accident is that the insurance company” team” consisting of the adjuster, supervisor, and manager that study your auto accident case and work together agreeing on how much to pay for your personal injuries will take into account your inability to bring a lawsuit in the Miami Courts when figuring out the lowest amount of money they can give you to have you sign off on the claim. Insurance representatives know that it requires an experienced personal injury attorney to bring a lawsuit in the 11th Circuit Court for North Miami Beach auto accident cases and that non lawyers do not know the laws and the legal rules of the Miami Court where you must bring a North Miami Beach Auto accident case. They will force most people without an auto accident attorney to settle for far less money without an experienced North Miami Beach Auto Accident Attorney representing you. If you live outside of Florida, do not hire a personal injury attorney from another state not licensed to practice law in Florida. The insurance adjuster will know the attorney might try to settle for a lower amount of money for your personal injury claim because he or she won’t be allowed to file a lawsuit in for your North Miami Beach auto Accident case.

Most of the time you will net more money after paying your experienced personal injury attorney than if you handled the claim on your own. An experienced auto accident attorney like Jack Bernstein adds lots of value to your case resulting in a significantly higher settlement. I am involved in most of the auto accident negotiations with the attorneys on my staff and review the negotiation process on almost every case, and many times negotiate the settlement myself. I have worked on tens of thousands of auto accident and personal injury claims and have vast experience with the amount of money personal injury cases are worth and prevent your case from settling cheap. Usually a personal injury attorney with experience will increase the value through his or her efforts enough to pay for the added attorney fees they earn while increasing the net amount of money you end up with. Your North Miami Beach auto accident case is handled on a contingency basis. We only earn an attorney fee if we win you money.

It is good to hire a personal injury attorney with experience in working on North Miami Beach Auto Accident cases for a slew of good reasons. You may call the personal Injury attorneys at Bernstein and Maryanoff immediately and speak to the office staff at 1-800-429-4529 (4LAW) or 305-253-1000. You can email us now and we will reply if on line now or in a short time to:
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