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Miami Visitor Car Accident Lawyers

Miami Visitor Car Accident Lawyers

After you return to your home state or city following a car accident while visiting Miami you may be unsure of which lawyer to hire, and how to pay for your medical care. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer licensed in Florida for several reasons and specifically an experienced lawyer located in Miami. The most important reason is that only an attorney licensed in Florida is allowed to handle your Miami Car Accident as your lawyer and file a lawsuit if needed. You should not hire a lawyer from your state to handle a Miami car accident. The insurance representative will know that your lawyer for your car accident in Miami is not located in Miami and is not a Miami lawyer. This can affect the settlement of your case. The insurance adjuster will be aware that your out of state lawyer cannot file a lawsuit in the Miami Circuit Court on your behalf. The adjuster will usually offer a smaller settlement knowing the out of state lawyer cannot file a lawsuit and cost the insurance company many thousands of dollars to defend your car accident case. You can call the Personal Injury Law firm of Bernstein and Maryanoff now and speak to them at 1-800-429-4529 and go over your case at no charge. You can email them now and they will write back immediately if they are on line or shortly after: [email protected]

A local Miami Lawyer such as attorney Jack Bernstein who has handled personal injury and car accident cases for twenty seven years knows the car accident laws that apply to your case. For example, there is $10,000 of mandatory medical insurance for the occupant of every vehicle registered in Florida. Of crucial importance is the four year statute of limitation to bring a Miami car accident case (two years if a death). After four years you are barred from recovering money for the injuries from the Miami car accident case. There are hospital lien laws that apply to a Miami car accident that require payment to the hospital and specific requirements for the liens to apply.

At Bernstein and Maryanoff, we file our own lawsuits in the Miami Dade Circuit Court for visitors who have a Miami car accident. Our staff of six experienced Miami personal injury lawyers negotiate our cases, and if they don’t settle we do not refer your Miami Car Accident case to another law firm to file the car accident lawsuit. We file it ourselves. That is important because the insurance companies know our reputation for filing our own lawsuits for Visitors to Miami injured in a Car Accident and know that we will not have to refer your case to another firm and divide our attorney fee with another firm. Insurance companies know they will have to pay the maximum settlement to you for your personal injuries from the Miami car accident or we will file a lawsuit.

If you were hurt while visiting Miami in a car accident and in need of medical care, and possibly without medical insurance , we will sign a protection letter with a doctor close to your home. This will allow you to receive medical treatment and await the personal injury settlement before paying the doctor.

We can sign up your case by email, mail, or overnight mail. We will email you our forms to allow our office to represent you for your accident while visiting Miami. They are simple information forms to fill out. You can fax, mail, or email them back. We will email you the simple instructions to help you do that. We will assign a case manager and one of the Miami Car Accident Lawyers on staff. The lawyer Jack Bernstein with over twenty seven years as a personal injury lawyer will assist and make sure you receive the maximum settlement for your injuries.

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It is helpful to immediately obtain the advice of an experienced Miami Car Accident attorney such as Jack Bernstein of Bernstein and Maryanoff who has handled car accident cases for more than twenty seven years. Car insurance companies hire licensed insurance adjusters to handle the claim for your Miami car accident. The insurance adjusters priority is to protect the insurance company, and not to represent the Miami car accident victim. The car accident insurance representative’s job who is adjusting a car accident claim for a person injured while visiting Miami is to pay only what the law requires. They are interested in maximizing their profit and not in being generous with a Miami car accident victim. Their goal is not to help you receive the best medical care or to pay you the most money possible but to pay you the least money possible. It is important to hire a local Miami Lawyer such as Jack Bernstein who is familiar with the insurance companies and fighting for the rights of the visitors to Miami that are injured in a car accident.

Attempting to navigate the resolution of your Miami car accident with an insurance adjuster yourself is not a good decision. You should not give a tape recorded or written statement to the insurance adjuster unless an experienced personal injury lawyer is on the phone with you at the time.

Trying to handle your own bodily injury claim is not a good idea. It is not in your best interest to rush into a settlement after a car accident in Miami. If you are in pain, you should go to a physician familiar with car accidents and other trauma victims, and obtain the best possible medical care based upon your personal injuries. Some injuries get worse over time, rather than better. Physicians and Chiropractors trained in handling car accident injuries will order an MRI to determine what injuries such as a herniated disc you have which need more invasive treatment to heal such as injections or surgery. There are nerve injuries that sometimes show up slowly. It is important not to rush to sign a release and settle your Miami car accident case.

Most of the time your doctor will require you to pay cash up front for your medical care. Having to pay up front for medical care following a car accident where you might find yourself out of work, comes at the worst possible time. Our law office will contact your doctor and help you find a doctor close to you who will have the attorney sign a payment guarantee and wait to get paid out of the insurance recovery for the car accident in Miami. MRI diagnostic centers, orthopedic physicians, and other medical providers will usually give you medical care and wait to get paid until your personal injury case settles.

The reason you need an experienced attorney like Jack Bernstein who handles Miami car accident cases is that he will sign the letter of protection and the doctor will trust his office to pay the bill at the time of the settlement. It is a requirement of the rules governing Miami Personal Injury Lawyers for the attorney to pay the doctors bill where there is a letter of protection. Without a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, the medical provider does not have the same protection since the patient is not bound by these rules. The doctor would have to file a lawsuit against you if they you did not pay them out of the settlement. Doctors will usually treat you for your car accident injuries with an experienced attorney such as Jack Bernstein since they are used to doing this on personal injury cases.

Funding companies that will loan a visitor of a car accident while visiting Miami money will do so only when there is an attorney handling the Miami car accident case who agrees to pay the loan funding company back. It is a requirement of the rules governing Miami Personal Injury Lawyers for the lawyer to pay the loan back at the time of the settlement. Without a personal injury attorney such as Jack Bernstein, the loan company would have to file suit against you to get their money if you did not pay them back. The don’t like to take that risk.

I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of hiring a local Miami Car Accident lawyer such as Jack Bernstein. Consider that the insurance adjusters that decide how much to pay for your Miami Car Accident claim take into account the difficulty for you to file a lawsuit in the Miami Circuit Court, if they don’t offer you a fair settlement. They know it takes an experienced Miami car accident litigator to file a lawsuit and that the average person will not be able to navigate the complex procedural rules needed to handle a Miami car accident case in the Miami Circuit Court, which is where your Miami Car accident case MUST be filed. For that same reason, an out of state attorney who is not licensed in Florida should not handle your case. The insurance adjuster will know that attorney might have incentive to settle for less money because he or she will not be licensed to file suit on your case should it not settle.

You should not think that you will be giving away money that you would otherwise get yourself by hiring a lawyer. Experienced attorneys such as Jack Bernstein who oversees the cases in his office add a lot of value and cause your case to settle on average for a greater amount of money. I personally am involved in the negotiated settlements in my office and go over the offers and demands personally with my staff attorneys and handle many of the negotiations myself. I have worked on approximately fifty thousand cases and know the values involved. Normally an experienced attorney will get you a higher settlement which will normally cover the attorney fees his or her office earns. It is also important to understand that your car accident case is handled on a contingency basis. You will not have to pay any attorney fees to Bernstein and Maryanoff unless you win your case.

Our staff will be glad to take your call to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case. Call for a free consultation at or 1-800-429-4529.