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Discussing School Bus Norms And Rules

School Bus Norms and Rules

It’s that time of year again when the children of South Florida begin to head back to school for another year. As such, motorists in the area will begin to notice some differences on the road when compared to the past few months of summer vacation. One of the biggest differences will be the presence of school buses in traffic during the morning and the afternoon. While the majority of school bus trips end safely, accidents do occur. If this has happened to your child, contact experienced Florida car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Below is a brief description of basic rules and norms regarding these vehicles.

Obey the Stop Sign

When a school bus slows down towards the side of the road, flashes its lights and engages the pop-out stop sign, motorists who happen to be behind the school bus need to obey that signal and stop until the bus driver disengages this warning system. These stop signs are activated in order to provide students with the time necessary to board or to leave the bus and to walk to the safest location either next to the bus or even across the street. Not only is it a traffic violation to disobey this warning system, but accidents are much more likely to occur when these signs are ignored.

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Be Ready for Railroad Crossings

In addition to stopping for bus stops so that children can get on or get off a bus, school buses will also stop at railroad crossings.

This is a standard industry regulation, and it’s one that other motorists tend to forget as they move down the road. Therefore, when you see a railroad crossing approaching in your path and a school bus is in front of you, be prepared to slow down and stop so that the bus driver can perform his or her required duties.

Don’t Assume Competence in Children

Children who are getting off of a school bus are supposed to cross in front of it if they need to cross the street to get to their destination. While most people expect this to occur, adults who are behind the wheel should not simply assume that this is going to happen. It’s possible for children to mistakenly cross behind the bus, and if motorists are not prepared for this possibility, disaster can result.

Overall, sharing the road with school buses requires a bit more in terms of vigilance and courtesy. If your child has been harmed by a negligent motorist in this situation, contact the Florida car accident attorneys at Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.