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Miami Taxi Accident Attorneys

Miami Taxi Accident Attorneys

Under Florida law, taxis are excluded from the state’s no-fault insurance law. This means that if you are injured in a taxi accident due to driver negligence, you can recover money damages without having to prove that you are permanently injured. The only question in a taxi accident case is how much money you should be awarded for your injury or loss.

The lawyers and staff at Bernstein & Maryanoff have the financial resources and experience to help you seek the maximum compensation for your injuries or loss in a taxi accident. From our principal office in Miami and numerous other offices across Florida, we represent clients throughout the state.

The background of the taxi driver can be an important factor in a taxi accident case. A general concern of many people is that taxi drivers operate their vehicles in a fast and careless manner. Our lawyers’ experience from handling numerous taxi accident cases is that an investigation of the driver may reveal a significant record of driving infractions and even criminal arrests. This can make a taxi accident case very difficult for the insurance company to defend and can significantly affect their valuation of your damages. In general, taxi accident cases have a higher value than other motor vehicle accidents.

Florida law requires taxis to carry high limits of mandatory insurance coverage. If you have been injured in a taxi accident in Florida, you are entitled to recover money damages for the full extent of your loss. This includes economic damages such as medical bills in the past and future, as well as loss of income in the past and future. You can also recover compensation for intangible damages such as physical pain, emotional pain, and suffering. If you suffer any permanent scarring or loss or impairment of any important bodily function, you are entitled to compensation for those damages as well.

Free consultation: There is never a charge to talk to a taxi accident attorney at the law firm of Bernstein & Maryanoff. With a principal office in Miami, numerous other offices across Florida, and the willingness to make house calls, our attorneys will be there when you need them. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis.

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