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Explaining Dangers Of Babysitters

Babysitters Have Authority

Just about every parent who has left the children with a babysitter for the evening has told them before they go out that they are expected to listen to what the babysitter tells them. This situation may seem normal, as parents want their children to behave well and for the babysitter to have an easy time taking care of them. However, this can also be problematic because of a child’s instinct to listen to those older than them.

Babysitters Are Largely Unsupervised

Clearly, the basic arrangement of hiring a babysitter means that they are unsupervised with your children. This only provides them with the opportunity to act out when you are not there to provide protection, and those who have engaged in this conduct before become very skilled at estimating the amount of time parents will be gone. This can be prevented somewhat by making sure that your children can contact you if there is a problem.

Babysitters Earn the Trust of Parents

Given that most babysitters come on the heels of a recommendation from other adults, it’s clear that babysitters arrive with a certain degree of trust in them. This trust can be dangerous for obvious reasons, as few people would be suspicious of a recommendation from another adult they know and whose opinion they value. Be careful not to place too much trust in anyone who is not all that familiar to you, especially if they’ll be spending time with your children alone.

Overall, there are still more than 3,600 reported cases of forced fondling in Florida every year, and many of these cases are not reported. If you have any suspicions regarding what could be happening with your babysitter, trust your instincts. Seek the help of Florida sexual abuse attorneys who have been holding those responsible and those enabling this type of conduct accountable for many years. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.

If you have allowed your child to ride without a child safety seat, take steps to provide him or her with the proper protection. If your child has been injured in the vehicle of another because of a lack of this sort of protection, contact the Florida car accident lawyers at Bernstein & Maryanoff immediately to schedule a free initial consultation.