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Explaining The Dangers Of Weaving

Weaving is Needlessly Aggressive

Weaving in and out of traffic lanes is obviously an example of aggressive driving, and aggressive maneuvers have long been one of the leading causes of Miami car accidents. In addition to creating a dangerous situation, taking such a course of action is also generally futile, as those who think that they are saving themselves time are often only doing so by a matter of minutes or even seconds at the risk of disaster.

Weaving Can Directly or Indirectly Lead to Miami Car Accidents

While it’s clear that weaving in and out of traffic lanes can lead to collisions at almost any point, this practice can also lead to another form of risk – the tendency for these maneuvers to cause others to be involved in a Miami car accident. The reason is that when someone is driving in this aggressive and unpredictable manner, it forces others to react instantly and often unexpectedly. Reactions of this sort do not generally take long enough for a driver to understand all of the elements around his or her vehicle, which means that the evasive measures taken by another may not only be unnecessary, but lead to a collision with another vehicle.

Weaving Leads to Anger

Finally, weaving in and out of traffic is also aggressive behavior that stirs up the wrong kind of emotions in others when it comes to driving a vehicle. Anger and frustration are often the result of narrowly missing a driver who is partaking in these actions, and the prevalence of these emotions can lead to mistakes that cause accidents.

Ultimately, if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident because of a needlessly aggressive driver, you need the help of Miami car accident lawyers who have been holding those responsible for these types of injuries accountable for many years. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.