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Explain The Process Of Collecting A Judgment

After a Verdict is Rendered

After a court issues a verdict that’s favorable to the plaintiff, the next step that should be taken involves recording that judgment with the court. This recording process creates a priority for that claim if the defendant should ever file for bankruptcy, as the higher on the priority list such a claim is, the more likely it is that the plaintiff will recover those damages. Failure to record such a judgment could create enormous unforeseen problems in the future.

Dealing with Appeals

In cases where especially large verdicts are rendered in favor of a plaintiff in a Florida personal injury case, a common response by defense attorneys is to appeal that verdict. If nothing else, the filing of this appeal will delay the process of payment and perhaps provide a bit of wiggle room for the defense to negotiate a lower amount with the threat of bankruptcy as a bargaining position. Florida car accident lawyers are very familiar with this tactic and understand how to handle it properly.

Collection Steps that Could Be Necessary

If a verdict is rendered that goes beyond any limits provided by the defendant’s insurance coverage, the remaining amount of that judgment is the responsibility of the defendant personally. Therefore, if the defendant is unable to pay that amount, the help of Florida car accident lawyers could be necessary to complete steps that include the filing of a lien on the defendant’s property, filing for the garnishment of the defendant’s wages and other steps that are intended to prompt payments from the defendant who owes the plaintiff money.

Overall, winning a Florida personal injury lawsuit does not guarantee immediate payment of the verdict. For this reason among many others, those who have been harmed in a collision need to seek the help of Florida car accident lawyers who understand what it takes to obtain those payments from a judgment. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.