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Explaining The Nature Of Evidence

Almost every Florida personal injury lawsuit that follows a Miami car accident will turn one way or the other on the evidence that’s available to each party. Below is a look at some of the issues that can arise in regards to this evidence and why these claims should be handled by Miami auto accident lawyers who handle these situations every day.

Deciding What’s Admissible

Despite the fact that many people think that anything even somewhat related to the Miami car accident in question would be relevant evidence at trial, the fact is that rules of evidence and strategic challenges to certain pieces of evidence can preclude some of these pieces from being used in trial. Analyzing the evidence available before a lawsuit is even filed to make as accurate a determination as possible as to what evidence will likely be admitted in court is a critical decision that can directly affect the result of the case. This analysis needs to be completed by Miami auto accident lawyers who have extensive trial experience.

Working to Preclude Evidence from the Other Side

Clearly, understanding the availability of certain pieces of evidence gathered for the plaintiff is an important process, but understanding what sort of evidence the other side possesses and plans to use is just as important. Much like the defense’s effort to preclude certain evidence held by the plaintiff from court, Miami auto accident lawyers working for the plaintiff must mount challenges to defense evidence that should not be admissible based on the intricate and technical rules of evidence that govern these situations.

It’s widely known that of all the factors that help to decide the ultimate result of a Florida personal injury lawsuit, the evidence that’s allowed to be presented at court is the most important, as this evidence is what the court must use to decide on a verdict. If you or someone you love has been harmed in a collision, you need the help of Miami auto accident lawyers who understand the nature of evidence and who can fight to protect the evidence that’s most useful for your case and work to preclude evidence that could be harmful. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today at 800-429-4529 to schedule a free initial consultation.