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Explaining The Reality Of Teen Drivers

The age group of drivers that present the biggest risk and possibility of auto accidents is teens. Below you’ll find some information regarding Florida auto accidents involving teen drivers, how a legal claim would proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed by a teen driver and finally you’ll find information regarding what to do if you need the help of a Florida auto accident lawyer.

Florida Auto Accident Statistics Regarding Teen Drivers

The Florida auto accident statistics regarding teen drivers are quite troubling to anyone who sees them. In 2007 and 2008, there was an average of approximately 32,000 Florida auto accidents involving teens each year. In addition, approximately 20,000 teens were injured each year and more than 200 teens killed on average.

How Legal Claims Work Against Negligent Florida Teen Drivers

Basically, the pursuit of any legal claim against a negligent driver will depend somewhat on his or her circumstances. For instance, if the teen lives at home and is covered by his or her parents’ auto insurance, it’s likely that the teen, his or her parents and the insurance company could be named as defendants.

However, if the teen is 18 or over and not covered by his or her parents’ auto insurance, that teen would be named along with the insurance company and without the parents. Of course, if the teen driver does not have auto insurance, it could lead to a claim being filed with the injured driver’s insurance company for uninsured motorist coverage benefits as well as a legal claim being filed against the teen driver.

How a Lawyer Can Help

As can be seen, being injured in a Florida auto accident by a teen driver can be a complicated matter when it comes to ultimate liability. Rather than attempt to navigate these waters by yourself, seek the help of an experienced Florida auto accident lawyer who has years of experience in holding those responsible for this type of harm accountable. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.