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Why You Should Avoid Insurance Company Representatives

Why You Should Avoid Insurance Company Representatives

Florida auto accidents occur every day, and when they do they often set a chain of events in motion that involve the insurance companies who carry coverage on the drivers who were involved. When this situation arises, there are many reasons that you should be wary of providing information to them. In fact, we offer a complete guide regarding Insurance Company Dos & Don’ts that will provide you with some basic help. In the meantime, below is a brief explanation of why you should speak to us before dealing with an insurance company representative.

Insurance Companies are For-Profit Entities

Insurance companies exist to make a profit. If they do not record profits, they will suffer greatly and will ultimately go out of business. Most large insurance companies are not actually owned by one person or family, but rather by a large group of shareholders. Therefore, the value of the stock pertaining to these companies will largely define how an insurance company will operate. Basically, the lower the amount of liability that’s paid out by insurance companies, the higher their profit margins will be and the higher their stock value will climb.

Insurance Companies Are Well-Represented

Most large insurance companies have an entire team of in-house corporate defense attorneys working for them, and these professionals are highly skilled at protecting the assets of their employers.

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Defense attorneys have years of experience in this regard, and if a claim is litigated with a Florida auto accident lawyer, the insurance company will commonly retain a defense litigation firm to represent it. In short, insurance companies do not lack for their own legal advice and guidance, which is why you need to level the playing field.

Insurance Companies are Bureaucracies

Any large company over time will evolve to the point where there are layers and layers of red tape to cut through before anything tangible can be done. This certainly includes auto insurance companies, and it can take years to settle a claim without the help of a Florida auto accident attorney if it’s settled at all before the statute of limitations expires, removing the option for filing a lawsuit from the person who has been injured.

Instead of taking the risk of facing this sort of operation if you’ve been harmed in a Florida auto accident, you need to seek the help of a Florida auto accident lawyers who understands the nature of insurance companies, who can cut through the red tape and work efficiently towards a resolution to your matter and who can work with or against defense attorneys – whichever tack is necessary – to make sure that your legal rights are protected and enforced. Contact Bernstein & Maryanoff today to schedule a free initial consultation.