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Police-Involved Accident Leads to Road Lane Closures

A new report reveals that a Lauderhill Police officer was involved in a traffic accident that forced the closure of lanes on a major Broward County roadway during rush hour. Investigators state that the crash occurred in the area between Sunrise Boulevard and Northwest 34th Avenue in Lauderhill.

The accident occurred when the Lauderhill Police cruiser rear-ended another vehicle. Police and rescue crews responded but it has not been reported if there were any injuries. The crash led to two lanes on Sunrise Boulevard being blocked while the police investigated the crash.

Personal Injury Cases Involving Police Officers

Every year thousands are injured in traffic accidents across Florida. While most accidents involve one or more drivers acting negligently, some accidents involve police officers. What do you do if you are injured in an accident that was caused by a police officer?

While it may be intimidating to pursue a police officer for compensation for your damages, even an on-duty police officer must exercise a standard of care just like any other citizen. This means that if a police officer rear ends you because he or she failed to stop in time, you may be able to seek compensation if you are injured.

The only exception to this rule is when the police officer is in pursuit of a criminal individual. When in pursuit, the rules for the operation of his or her motor vehicle are changed to allow him or her permission to exceed the posted speed limits and traffic lights. However, this does not mean that the officer is permitted to completely disregard the safety of other motorists not involved in the chase. A crash caused in the pursuit of a criminal may still expose the officer or the agency to liability, depending on the circumstances.

How Do I Seek Compensation If I Am Injured By a Police Officer?

When any public employee, from police officer to bus driver, causes injury due to negligence, special laws govern liability. While it can be difficult to sue a police officer for compensation for damages, it is possible. You can also seek compensation from your insurance company if the at-fault driver does not pay.

If you have found yourself in this complicated situation, you must act quickly and call an experienced personal injury attorney like those at Bernstein & Maryanoff. Our team has years of experience aiding the victims of personal injury. We can help you gather evidence, build your case and represent you at the negotiating table or in court. Trust the team at Bernstein & Maryanoff in Miami to help you with your accident case.

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