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Bernstein & Maryanoff has been serving clients who were wrongfully injured by the actions of others for 29 years. Over that time, we have earned a track record that we fully understand that you as a prospective client would like to review. However, the Florida Bar Association only allows us permission to provide you with an opportunity to review client statements if you click “I Accept” after reading the following information.


The testimonials page for Bernstein & Maryanoff contains information relating to past cases handled by the firm and by specific Florida injury attorneys who have worked or who continue to work for the firm. If you are interested in accessing that information, you need to read and outwardly acknowledge the fact that you have read the information below before proceeding.

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Client Reviews

After my car accident I received representation from Bernstein & Maryanoff; Brian Glatzer was my assigned lawyer. I have to say that I been very pleased with my overall experience. After I recouped from the accident, going thru a cervical surgery, Glazer handled everything else-including the insurance company, all legal issues, Dr's bills....Everything! My paralegal assigned was N. Gutierrez. She is simply amazing. She handled all my issues in a timely manner, very professional, and always responds promptly to my phone calls and emails, and advice about what to do next as my case move forward. I have been more than pleased on my decision to seek legal services and to have you, Glatzer, as my lawyer, frankly I don't know how I would have done it without a lawyer like you.. I definitely recommend the firm of Bernstein & Maryannoff with no hesitation...And honestly, I was amazed on how fast and successful my case came off to term, only a great lawyer like you Glatzer make that possible. Thank you from all your help as and awesome representation..

Enelda, January, 1970

I really appreciate all of your help and efforts from your team to help me in my Slip and Fall case. I would recommend Bernstein and Maryanoff to my friends and family. By far your practice is the best attorney’s office I have ever hired. Thank you very much.

E. Arria, December, 2010

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent handling of my Slip and Fall case! Mr. Brian Glatzer you are the best.

J. Mackey, March, 2011

Service was good and timely. No complaints how my auto accident was handled.

Erick A., May, 2011

I am very grateful for your professional assistance in regard to my automobile accident. Thank you for your kind attention.

M. Retiz, May, 2011

I would like to thank my attorney, Brian Glatzer, and his assistant, Lidia, for everything they did, and making me feel like my slip and fall case was very serious and important. Thank you.

T. King, June, 2011

I would like to thank your office and staff for all of the work that they put in to help with with my automobile accident.

Donna R., June, 2011

I want to thank everyone for their hard work at Bernstein and Maryanoff with my Slip and Fall case. Every phone call was answered and I want to thank everyone for their hard work. Hopefully I will never need a personal injury attorney again, but if I do, I will always come back to Bernstein and Maryanoff.

Loretta B., January, 1970

My phone calls were always returned and my questions were answered. Bernstein and Maryanoff handled my slip and fall accident in a very professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone that has a slip and fall or any type of personal injury case.

Susan, December, 2014

I have been dealing with Ms. Lara, my case manager, at the personal injury law office of Bernstein and Maryanoff, for quite some time now and through out my experience with her everything has been great. I have nothing but great thoughts and no regrets. She gets five stars. Thank you for assisting me in my Slip and Fall case. Keep up the good work.

T. Taylor, December, 2014