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16 October

The Importance of Evidence In An Accident Case

A Miami police officer pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in exchange for giving \"pirate\" tow-truck operators information about crashes, according to recent reports. The 42-year-old officer admitted that he misused his position to take a total of $1,800 and a cell phone from towing businesses between April and June 2013. While a conviction for such an offense carries a prison term of up to 20 years, the officer

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07 October

Florida Firefighters File Suit in Airboat Accident

Two Florida firefighters have filed a lawsuit against the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for injuries they sustained in an airboat accident, according to recent reports. Shawn Levine and Herbert Tyler were traveling down a narrow Everglades channel when an airboat collided with them, hurling Levine into the water and running over her, severely injuring her knee. She has required four surgeries in the past seven months

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05 October

Man Charged In Crash With Police Officer

A driver who hit a police officer, causing serious injuries, has now been charged with several crimes in connection with the accident, according to recent reports. Brandon Ward, 31, of Miramar, was charged with DUI with a blood alcohol content greater than .15 percent as well as serious bodily injury to another person. The accident, which took place on Pines Boulevard and Douglas Road, involved 43-year-old officer Ben Burke.

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